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Princess Charlotte of Wales
If you have children and you are anything like me, you found choosing a names challenging. After all, it is usually not just your own wishes that have to be considered. Part of the reason our son has three names is that we wanted to choose names we loved as well as those that paid tribute to or remembered other family members.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to choose a royal baby name when you are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! There are so many people and things to be considered. To start with modern, non-traditional names are pretty much out from the get go. It’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see a Princess Skyler or Tiffany and to be fair ‘Princess’ does sound better with a more traditional name. However it still needs to be a certain type of traditional name.

The Royal Couple have chosen Charlotte Elizabeth Diana as their royal baby name. The baby will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Of course, we will never know the real reasons the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose the names they did – in fact, it really is none of our business – but it is interesting to speculate what might have influenced their decision.

Charlotte has long been a popular name in history and amongst the royal family. The feminine form of Charles, it may have been chosen partly in honour of the princess’ paternal Grandfather. There was also a very popular Princess Charlotte way back in the early 1800’s.

Elizabeth is the Duchess of Cambridge’s own middle name but this was more likely a happy coincidence. It is likely the names was chosen in honour of the new princess’ Great Grandmother The Queen and also for her Great Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who reigned with her husband King George VI. Known as ‘Queen Elizabeth’ during her reign, she was referred to as ‘Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’ following his death. Of course there is also the very famous Queen Elizabeth I but again she probably did not factor very highly into the royal couple’s choice.

Diana – Of course there is no reason to explain why Diana was chosen as the baby Princess’ third name. The name of Prince William’s beloved late mother, so many of us were thrilled to hear that the Duke and Duchess were able to include use this name for their first daughter.

Although many may have hoped for another Princess Diana, it would have been almost impossible for Diana to be chosen as a first or second name. Diana, Princess of Wales sadly fell out of favour with the Royal Family as her relationship with Prince Charles deteriorated and following her divorce. I am sure it may have been a challenge as it was to include this lovely name where it is but I am so happy that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were able to pay tribute to their daughter’s well loved late grandmother in this way.

Whatever the reasons for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of names, they really have made a wonderful choice for their beautiful baby girl. Welcome to the world, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge!

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