A Few Days in Tinseltown


What is it with holidays? They always seem to disappear so fast! The last few days have flown by, and tomorrow our son will be on his way back to London. He’s attending a residential theatre workshop which he goes to every year, so he has to get back.

I’m really excited to be heading to San Diego for BlogHer ’11 tomorrow, but sad that our family holiday is nearly over. My husband and I do have a few days holiday in San Diego and back in Beverly Hills (including a stay at the iconic Beverly Wilshire) to look forward to after BlogHer too.

On Sunday we braved the crowds and headed over to Hollywood itself. Hollywood is definitely one of those places that is rough round the edges, bits of it gorgeous (The Kodak Theatre,Grauman’s Chinese Theatre etc) and bits of it kind of, well, grotty! It’s definitely somewhere you need to see if you are a movie buff though, and I always love walking down the street, looking at all the stars on the ground, and particularly visiting the stars in front of Grauman’s theatre itself. Just hang on to your handbag tightly!

DSC_0458 (3)

It’s well worth taking the tour of Grauman’s Theatre if you get the chance. We did that last time we were here, and it is a fantastic place to have a look around.

Over the last couple of days we have also toured Paramount Studios and Warner Brothers. There are all sorts of studio tours in the area, and last time I think we did virtually all of them – from NBC right through to Universal – but I think the two we did this time are the best. You really are in the thick of the action, and we did see several actors and actresses. Unfortunately I haven’t seen many of the shows they are on in the UK yet, so I didn’t recognise them all! We did see Blake Lively from Gossip Girls at Warner Brothers though, and also one of the male stars from Pretty Little Liars (who sadly I did not recognise but everyone else on the tour did!). We also watched filming of an outdoor scene for Heart of Dixie. I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the Community set at Paramount. I haven’t seen the show yet, but I can’t wait to catch up on old episodes having walked right through the set – which really does look just like a community college.


And this is my favourite set of all time, which is on display at Warner Brothers.


Central Perk, from Friends. Last time we were there, you could actually sit on the couch, and I did have a photo taken doing just that, but sadly it was on a very old (pre iPhone) cell phone six years ago, and is not a high enough resolution to copy it here! You could also walk right through the set back then. I guess the couch was getting worn out from all those bottoms, because you are not allowed to sit on it, or even step into the set anymore. It’s cool to see it though.

We also drove along to Santa Monica one warm afternoon, and spent a pleasant hour walking on the lovely beach there.



And today we drove the length of the iconic Mulholland Drive, something we always enjoy. The views are wonderful, although parts of this mountainous drive are rather hair raising!!

I’m looking forward to a fun family evening tonight, and then tomorrow we will take our son to LAX for his flight, en route to San Diego for BlogHer. I must confess, I’m getting very excited!

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