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I think visiting someone’s home is a great way to get to know them better so I’d like to welcome you to mine. Last week I shared my kitchen with you, and today I’d like to share a little more.

Our front hallway is T-shaped. As you walk in the front door, immediately on your left you would find the guest bathroom, and on the right are the stairs. The pictures above are the left and right of the T-shape which faces you. The dining room is directly in front of you. (You can just see the doorway in the picture on the far left.)

Heading off to the left you can see the living room. The black framed painting is one we commissioned and was painted by Chris and Steve Rocks. We talked to the artists as a family, and they incorporated different elements into the painting based on our conversations with them. (I’ll share more of the living room in another post.)

On the right you see a limited edition print by Henderson Cisz, which is special to me as it shows a London scene with Big Ben in the background. It was the scene of Peter Pan flying over the Parliament Buildings in the Disney film that originally sparked my desire to live in England, so this piece makes me smile every time I look at it. The doorway you can see on the far right of this picture is to the kitchen and utility room, but if you did not turn left into it and kept going straight ahead you would find yourself in our study.

Directly between the two paintings is the doorway to the dining room. We are still working on this room.

Dining Room 1

The Dining Room


Sideboard in the Dining Room

You can see a door through to the kitchen to the right of the sideboard.

If you wanted to come in through the back door, you would find it at the side of the house.

Utility Room

Coming in that way means you have to walk through the utility room. We have an L-shaped garden.

I’ll share more in another post. I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into my world!

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  1. Love your home, it’s so beautiful- thank you so much for sharing!
    I’d have linked this week and last but NMN is down at the moment due to a technical glitch:-(

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