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Regular readers will know, I often blog about flowers. For example, here and here. And more often than not, when I blog about flowers I mention my wonderful local florists Green Parlour, and Emma Sampson, the lovely and very talented owner. For the last few years she and her team have done all the important flower arrangements at our home and for gifts, including a huge assortment of flowers for our son’s 18th birthday party earlier this year, attended by over 50 guests.

Emma is a very busy florist, not least of all because she really cares about her clients. When we were talking about the flowers for our son’s party, she came to our house and spent ages going through it, patiently talking to my son and I about what we wanted from the arrangements (me – pretty, my son – not to ‘flowery’ with a clean, masculine feel) and how we wanted the house to look. Emma developed a theme of white and green, and using lilies, lilacs and fresh limes in the arrangements, creating the clean, masculine feel my son wanted while more than giving me the ‘pretty’ I so craved. The day before the party Emma installed the arrangements herself, and when we realised we wanted an extra one, she and her team produced it seemingly out of the air for the next morning, even though they were also doing the flowers for a big wedding that day. This kind of thing is the reason Green Parlour have so many loyal clients, and among them, there is someone very special indeed.

You see the Green Parlour shop is located in Pangbourne, just up the road from our house in one direction, and from Bucklebury in the other.  Bucklebury is the home of the Middleton Family, and it turns out the Middletons are clients of Emma’s too. I was absolutely delighted to find out this morning that Emma was asked, by Miss Catherine Middleton herself personally no less, to work on some of the arrangements for the Royal Wedding! You can see an article in The Telegraph newspaper about it here. Working under Shane Connolly, the head florist for the event, Emma will be assisting with two large arrangements that will be positioned either side of where the Royal Couple will be sitting in Westminster Abbey.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer person, or a more talented one. I absolutely cannot wait to see Emma’s arrangements on Friday – and I could not be more excited for her. And I have to say, when it comes to special, meaningful and beautiful floral arrangements to have around her on her wedding day, Miss Middleton could not possibly be in better hands.

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