An Afternoon in Sausalito

The view of Alcatraz and the San Francisco Skyline from Sausalito

The view of Alcatraz and the San Francisco Skyline from Sausalito

We visited Sausalito for the first time yesterday. About an hour’s drive from where we are staying in Santana Row, Sausalito is just across the Golden Gate Bridge and offers stunning views of San Francisco, as well as beautiful scenery of its own.

Being Memorial Day, it was busy in Sausalito, but everyone was really friendly. We arrived at lunchtime, so decided to see if we could get a table here at The Spinnaker.


Photo credit Alexander J Harris

We were given a great table near the window and the view of Alcatraz and the San Francisco skyline was just stunning. The beautiful houses lining the sides of the surrounding hills were wonderful too. Yachts, launches and sailboats went to and from the nearby harbour, and some of the tinier boats actually went under the restaurant! The Spinnaker has a charmingly retro vibe and the service is old fashioned, efficient and friendly. We lingered over a delicious lunch of Seafood Club Sandwiches made with fresh Bay Shrimp, Crab Salad and Avocado. The servings were so generous, and the sandwiches came with lovely shoestring French fries as well. We were too full for dessert, but treated ourselves to Café Mocha so that we could linger just that little bit longer looking out over the Bay.

Then it was time to explore this pretty coastal town. There were plenty of shops and lots of galleries, including the fascinating Petris Fine Arts, who among other beautiful and unique pieces, sell original artwork by the iconic Dr Seuss. There were plenty of other tempting galleries to wander through as well.


The whole town is built into the hills, so there are lots of lovely shops tucked into nooks and crannies like these.


There are some wonderful old buildings, and the main square is lovely.


It was a really memorable and enjoyable afternoon. I’m so glad that we finally discovered Sausalito, and I can’t wait to return there again soon!

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