Baking Made Easy with Sugar and Crumbs

Devil's Food Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Icing

I love baking cakes and cupcakes but I always find frosting a bit of a challenge. Getting the icing consistency just right and then making the finished product look great can be quite challenging for me. I get there in the end but it’s the part of baking I find really hard work. Until I discovered Sugar and Crumbs, that is.

Sugar and Crumbs make natural flavoured icing sugars, cocoa powders and sugar pastes. They very kindly sent me their Salted Caramel, Coconut and Coffee flavoured icing sugars to try, along with their Chocolate Coconut Cocoa Powder. Being unable to resist Salted Caramel anything, I tried this flavour first to frost my Devil’s Food Cupcakes.

Sugar and Crumbs’ icing sugars are really easy to work with. This is definitely baking made easy! All you have to do to make a simple butter cream icing is mix them with softened unsalted butter and a bit of milk. As I mentioned before I’m not great at cake decorating but I found this icing to be much easier to use than any other recipe I’ve made myself. Plus the flavourings are already added.  The flavours are very intense – which I loved –  but if you want to you can add plain icing sugar to adjust the flavour or stretch the product.

Everyone loved my Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Icing. My husband isn’t keen on salted caramel and normally refuses to eat it but he couldn’t resist these cupcakes. Sugar and Crumbs have totally changed his perspective on salted caramel – which makes me very happy! My Devil’s Food Cupcakes were delicious with Sugar and Crumbs’ coffee icing as well.

Sugar and Crumbs

Next I decided to try my Devil’s Food Cake recipe with Sugar and Crumbs’ Coconut Flavoured Cocoa Powder, substituting it for an equal measurement of ordinary cocoa powder. When the cake was cooled I frosted it with Sugar and Crumbs’ Coconut flavour icing. As I didn’t have quite enough of the product to frost a two layer cake, I stretched the Sugar and Crumbs icing sugar with ordinary icing sugar. The results were wonderful and the coconut flavour still shone through.

Easy Devil's Food Cake

Sugar and Crumbs make a whole range of delicious icing flavours, from Blueberry and Pear Drop to Turkish Delight and Limited Edition Hot X Bunny for Easter. Their flavoured cocoa powders include Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Orange and even Chocolate Chili flavour. Sugar and Crumbs also make coloured Sugar Paste and wafer cake toppers.

I’m thoroughly impressed with Sugar and Crumbs’ products and will definitely become a customer. Not only that but I no longer dread frosting cakes and cupcakes – with Sugar and Crumbs is definitely baking made easy!

Full disclosure: This is not a sponsored post although I did receive samples for product testing purposes.

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