My Beef Stroganoff Recipes

Beef Stroganoff Recipes
Do you like beef stroganoff? Not many people I’ve asked say no to that question. There’s just something about the creamy, slightly tart, mildly spiced flavour of this classic dish that seems to appeal to everyone.

Beef Stroganoff was very popular in both the 1950’s and the 1970’s – which makes it charmingly retro – but it’s actually been around since the mid to late nineteenth century. Although there are several theories as to who created it, the one thing that seems to be absolutely certain is that this dish was born in Russia.

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

My Beef Stroganoff recipe is one of the most visited posts on this blog. The great thing about it is that it is much easier to make than most people imagine and some of the ingredients can even be prepared ahead of time for relaxed entertaining.

Lighter Beef Stroganoff

Of course, Beef Stroganoff isn’t exactly the healthiest recipe – it is quite high in fat and calories – so when my son began to lose weight and get into fitness, I decided to develop a Lighter Beef Stroganoff. It tastes just as good as my original recipe but is much healthier. Lean steak– the kind you use in beef stroganoff – is good for you and provides lots of iron and B vitamins. Provided you use a lighter sauce, as in this recipe, it can be part of a well balanced diet.

Beef Stroganoff Macaroni

Beef Stroganoff Macaroni

The only problem with both my earlier beef stroganoff recipes is that you really should use ribbons of very good steak – preferably filet steak – to make the stroganoff. This makes it quite expensive. So, in order to be able to enjoy this favourite dish more often, I developed a Beef Stroganoff Macaroni recipe using ground beef. Perfect for weeknights, it is much more frugal than my original recipe but every bit as delicious!

My three variations on this classic dish are all very easy to make and suitable for family suppers or entertaining. Try one – or all three of them – soon and enjoy the great flavours of this classic retro dish.

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  1. Very delicious April. I like all the different recipes you made. It’s one of my favourite dinners!

  2. I adore beef stoganoff, and now I have something new on my to do list! It is definitely your beef stoganoff macaroni. Looks divine! Pinned!

  3. What a warming and comforting collection! They bring back loving memories of my mom making us her delicious Beef Stroganoff. Thank you April!

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