Blood Orange Recipes

Blood Orange Recipes
Blood oranges are probably my favourite citrus fruit. Their gorgeously tinted, juicy segments have a unique flavour – orange spiked with a hint of raspberry tartness – making them them perfect in both savoury and sweet dishes. There are so many blood orange recipes out there – from salads to roasted and grilled meat and poultry dishes to decadent desserts. Despite this, I find myself using them mostly in sweet treats although recently I’ve been experimenting more with savoury recipes. I look forward to sharing what develops!

Blood oranges
Blood oranges are so named because their flesh is either orange punctuated by red streaks or blatantly, vibrantly red. This is caused by the presence of high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant which may help neutralise the effects of free radicals, making blood oranges extra good for you too. Depending on where you live, blood oranges are in season somewhere around January to April, although this can vary year to year. A reader recently told me that in Florida they are in season all winter, which sounds idyllic to me!

Blood oranges are delicious simply peeled, eaten with the juice dripping down your arms. However they are also perfect for so many blood orange recipes. Here are some of my favourites:-

Chocolate Orange Marble Cake
My pretty Chocolate Blood Orange Marble Cake looks complicated but it’s a breeze with my step by step instructions. Delicious served with a cup of tea or coffee, this loaf cake also makes a lovely gift.

Blood Orange Syllabub
Pressed for time? This Blood Orange Syllabub is the work of moments. Serve this luscious, creamy dessert in pretty glasses topped with fresh fruit and amaretti biscuit crumbs and you’ll be guaranteed to impress your guests.

Blood Orange Pound Cake
This moist and flavourful Blood Orange Pound Cake recipe makes two loaves – one to keep and one to give away (or slice and freeze the second loaf for a treat anytime).

Blood Orange No Churn Ice Cream with Orange Pecan Cookies
You don’t need an ice cream maker to make this No Churn Blood Orange Ice Cream. Creamy with a hint of tang, it’s the perfect dessert after a rich meal and no one will ever guess how simple it was to make!

The beauty of all these blood orange recipes is that they are so delicious and yet so simple. Most of them also work really well together. Both the Blood Orange Pound Cake and Chocolate Blood Orange Marble Cake are wonderful served à la mode with my Blood Orange Ice Cream.

So the next time you see blood oranges available, be sure to pick some up. And after you’ve finished enjoying a few of them and wiped the juice off your arms, try one – or more – of my delicious blood orange recipes!

Just a hint for my UK readers – if you are having any difficulty sourcing blood oranges, I use the organic delivery service Abel and Cole.

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  1. The marble cake wouldn’t last long at all in my house, I’m sure of it. And thanks for the link to Abel & Cole: I will explore them as a box of oranges seems like a nice gift.

  2. I’ve never baked with blood oranges, and the marbel cake looks soooooooooo delicious and so pretty!!

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