Building a Perfect Lingerie Wardrobe

Building a Lingerie Wardrobe

We all think a lot about our clothing, but when did you last think about your lingerie wardrobe? What we wear under our clothes is just as important as what is on the outside and we all deserve to have some pieces that make us feel glamorous. But where to start? Bras come in many different styles – full cup, half cup, even quarter cup, balcony, seamless, strapless, plunge… the list goes on. Then there are basques, cinchers, corsets and negligees. That’s before you move on to the vast array of knicker styles; thongs, full briefs, boy shorts… There are so many choices it can be mind-boggling.

I asked the experts at Pudding Lingerie in Reading to help. The assured me that what’s most important is that you have a lingerie wardrobe that you feel comfortable in and looks great underneath your clothes. Here are some of the tips they shared with me.

Choosing the right bra?  Try on a range of bra styles and see which you prefer. It’s likely that you’ll want a couple of different styles. Perhaps a fuller cup bra for everyday but a plunge bra for that wrap dress which shows just a bit more cleavage.

How to Build a Lingerie Wardrobe
If you want your lingerie to be invisible under your clothes, that no longer means it needs to be white or nude (although there is some beautiful nude lingerie).  Pink and even red can sit invisibly under a white top too. And black of course, depending on your skin tone and what you’re wearing. Ensuring smooth lines doesn’t have to mean a T-shirt bra either (although it can be handy to have a T-shirt bra for thinner, tighter fitting materials). Designers have become very sophisticated and now there is beautiful lace and silk underwear which sits perfectly under clothing.

How many ‘everyday’ bras should you have? You need to be able to wash them every few days so we’d recommend 4 or 5 so you can circulate them and they won’t wear out too quickly.

Most of us will need a strapless bra from time to time, whether that’s for an evening gown or a strappy summer top. A well fitted strapless bra won’t slip down and should be comfortable too.

Lingerie Wardrobe

And then there’s luxury lingerie. Whether it’s as a treat to yourself or because you’re going to be showing it off to your partner, it’s great to have a little bit of glamour in your life. So, if you can, treat yourself to a couple of luxury items. Whether that’s a stunning bra or a basque or corset is entirely up to you! It’s also a great idea to have a pretty nightie or two and a lovely pair of pyjamas.

If you’re working out, a sports bra is also ABSOLUTELY VITAL.  Your breasts undergo a lot of movement when you’re doing aerobic activity and a sports bra will really protect them from damage, helping them to stay in shape!

Choosing matching briefs really comes down to personal taste. Choose whatever you like but do make sure you have some with no VPL for those skinny trousers and pencil skirts!

That leaves shapewear. Some of us need a little bit of extra help at certain times to help us feel great in a particular outfit.  Shapewear is brilliant for creating smooth lines and hiding any lumps and bumps. It’s also becoming increasingly sexy with some gorgeous corset briefs and chemises.

In summary then, this is what your lingerie wardrobe should look like:

Everyday bras x 4

T-shirt bra x 1

Strapless bra x 1

Something special x 2

Shapewear (optional) x 1

Nightwear x 3

Lingerie – and particularly bras – should always be professionally fitted. It’s really important to find a bra that fits perfectly.

Pudding are located in King’s Walk, King Street, Reading, RG1 2HG – open 7 days a week (only 2 minutes from the Oracle).  Pudding also offer a phone fitting service for customers who can’t make it in to the boutique.  Call 0118 95 94 118 or shop online at

All photographs courtesy of Pudding.

This is not a sponsored post and I have not been compensated in any way.

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  1. These are great tips and ideas! My bra stash is mostly “nursing” these days, but I have a few nice ones for days when I can go out without the baby. 🙂 As for my other lingerie… well, it hardly comes out. Most of it was a gift from my girlfriends when I got married. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Bonnie 🙂 There are some beautiful nursing bras out there too – and do be encouraged to bring out the lingerie you have tucked away. I’m always ‘saving’ things too, but I’m trying to encourage myself to start using them!!

  2. Awesome tips! I am in need of some new bras badly!! 🙂

  3. I love this post. I think having a good bra is very important. I think 90% of the time I like what I am wearing under my clothes more than what is covering them LOL.

  4. I tried it and it worked en yeah my confidence number one……aaaaah 🙂

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