Tips for Clean and Cool Air in Your Home

Clean and cool air in your home with the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan
Disclosure: I was gifted with a Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Fan by John Lewis for review purposes. This has not affected my opinion of the product and this review contains my honest opinions. Full Disclosure Policy.

It is really important to have clean and cool air in your home but with pollen, bacteria and mould, emissions, odours and even pet dander, it can be a challenge. And with a summer of record high temperatures forecast, clean and cool air is definitely on my mind.

Recently I was gifted with a Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan by John Lewis. I was excited to receive it as I’ve admired these stylish appliances for some time. The Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan has a HEPA Filter that removes up to 99.95% of allergens and pollutants from the air, as well as a layer of activated carbon granules that captures odours and potentially harmful toxins like paint fumes. On top of all this, it also cools in hot weather.

Clean and cool air in your home with the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan
The appliance was super easy to assemble; the pieces literally click into place. There’s an auto setting that monitors air quality and cools the air when you need it, or you can turn the appliance on and set a timer. With the Dyson Link App on your smartphone you can monitor both indoor and outdoor air quality, control your Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan remotely and even schedule times for the appliance to run.

We used our Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan for the first time on a very warm evening and we slept so well! There’s a night time setting that keeps the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan working hard but quietly and it kept us incredibly comfortable. The air felt a lot fresher and cleaner and I’m sure that also affected the good quality of our sleep. It’s now in almost constant use.

I was also impressed how easy the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan is to clean. There are no spinning handles to worry about and no awkward – and potentially dangerous – grills or blades. I wish these appliances had been available when our son was little!

I’m really pleased with the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan, and I am extremely happy to wholeheartedly recommend it.

Tips for clean and cool air in your home

Air bedrooms in the morning before making the bed.

Open windows early in the day to allow cool air in.

Keep bathrooms well aired and clean to avoid dampness.

Use a good extractor fan in the kitchen and consider an air purifier here too.

Consider purchasing a Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan to ensure that the air in your home is as clean as possible and cool in the hot weather too.

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  1. April, as I sit looking at the dust on my desk fan that is impossible to get at through the grill that covers the blades, I know I have now found exactly the fan I need! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Love it, Dyson make such amazing products. I have their humidifier and love it. I agree with your tips, I always try and open my window first thing in the morning for at least 15 minutes, I’ll do it while I’m in the shower. Makes a lot of difference when you come back into the room. This looks good and I just not long saw the advert on it, very informative post.

  3. I’ve previously used the original Dyson fans when they first came out some 5+ years ago now. They were a life-saver back when we had a heatwave during the summer.

    I may have to upgrade and go for the Pure Cool as it seems to have came on leaps and bounds since the very first model

    • They really have come on a lot, Chris. I know they are promising us some hot weather this summer (hopefully!) and I’m really glad to have this model.

  4. This looks like such a handy gadget! Perfect with summer coming up!

  5. Such fantastic tips! We don’t have windows in our bathroom but we have an extractor fan I’m always keeping my windows and doors open in the summer!

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