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Date Night Dinner Ideas on AprilJHarris.comIt can be hard to keep the romance alive in a relationship these days. Between our busy home and work schedules, kids, family and just the general pace of life, we need all the help we can get. One of the best ways to keep things fresh is to schedule a date night at least once a month.

Having said that, a date night can really put pressure on already strained budgets. By the time you get a babysitter and pay for dinner, you can easily spend way more than you would like to. That’s where these easy Date Night Dinner Ideas come in.

The importance of eating together as a family can never be overstated, but just this once give the children their supper early and plan a late dinner for you and your partner. Or ask a friend or family member to have the kids overnight. You can always do the same for them another time. Then use these delicious recipes as the base for an evening just the two of you. Open some bubbles (try Prosecco instead of champagne to keep the costs down) or a nice bottle of wine and spend some time over dinner just talking about each other. Controversial subjects and talking about the children are banned!

Here are some tasty recipe ideas to inspire you.

Date Night Dinner Ideas on AprilJHarris.comPerfect with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, my Easy Scallop Supper is elegant but low effort.

Date Night Dinner Ideas on AprilJHarris.comFancy some vegetarian comfort food? Pasta alla Norma My Way will definitely fit the bill!

Date Night Dinner Ideas on AprilJHarris.comMy Warm Wild Rice Salad with Sausages and Apples is hearty and tasty. You can switch up the recipe by varying the types of sausages you use. Our favourite variety is pork and caramelised onion.

Date Night Dinner Ideas on AprilJHarris.comFresh, delicious and very adaptable, Crab Linguini is seriously quick to put together and much easier to make than you might think!

Date Night Dinner Ideas on AprilJHarris.comThis Healthier Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe makes enough for four but it’s easy to adapt it for two. I rarely do though as I love the leftovers!

Date Night Dinner Ideas on AprilJHarris.comA personal favourite, my Easiest Ever Shrimp Primavera is a recipe I make again and again.

Date Night Dinner Ideas on AprilJHarris.comA great way to make a little steak go a long way, Steak and Asparagus Salad is the perfect compromise if one of you loves meat and the other loves salads!

So go on, what are you waiting for? Get a date night in the diary, choose a recipe and spend some time reconnecting with the one you love!

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  1. Lovely ideas! Perfect for romantic date nights!

  2. You had me at the scallops, but then I saw the crab linguine and then the prawns, love this date night selection-)

  3. I am loving your selections for date night. I think it’s important too to have some quality time.

  4. Yummy romantic recipes! I can’t wait to spring a couple of these on my hubby. They are a great focus for a dinner for two!

  5. Agreed April!Having date nights is really important for married couples! I love your selection of recipes! They all sound so good!

  6. My wife is really into food and loves it when we cook together. Well, it is her birthday this weekend, and I am trying to find a good recipe that could help me create a nice romantic evening for her. She loves shrimp, thus making the option of a Shrimp Primavera an obvious choice for the main course meal.

    • What a lovely way to celebrate your wife’s birthday, Jorge! I hope you both enjoy the Shrimp Primavera 🙂 And a very Happy Birthday to your wife!

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