Easy Bacon and Cream Cheese Appetizer

Bacon Cream Cheese Pastry Appetizer on AprilJHarris.com
This Bacon and Cream Cheese Appetizer features at so many of our parties, particularly this time of year. It’s the creation of my wonderful cousin, Esther. Fried onions, bacon and creamy cheese are encased in a pastry shell that is easily made from refrigerated crescent roll dough (croissant dough over here in the UK).

This is an appetizer that simply oozes appeal, with a gorgeous, cheesy filling that gently melts out as you cut it. Served with knives alongside so folks can simply cut into it and spread it on crackers or biscuits, this Bacon Cream Cheese Appetizer that the one that almost always disappears from the buffet table first!

Bacon Cream Cheese Pastry Appetizer on AprilJHarris.com
Aside from a little light chopping and sautéing, making this Bacon and Cream Cheese Appetizer is a relatively effort free endeavour. I actually find laying out the crescent rolls and wrapping them round the delicious filling positively therapeutic. It’s like wrapping up an incredibly delicious parcel you just know everyone is going to love!

Making this recipe for vegetarians is as simply as swapping out the bacon for a cup of finely chopped mushrooms and a half cup of finely chopped red peppers.

If you are making the recipe over here in the UK, where cream cheese generally comes in tubs instead of blocks, simply soften the cheese at room temperature for about a half hour before making the recipe and then gently work the oval rounds together as much as possible. I find the topping generally fills any gaps and the cheese gets very melty anyway.

Once you’ve made this Bacon and Cream Cheese Appetizer you will find yourself looking for all sorts of excuses to make it. I even serve it at more formal dinner parties, sliced on to individual plates with a few biscuits alongside.

I first blogged this recipe back in 2011, so to find out how to make this delicious family recipe for Bacon and Cream Cheese Appetizer, please click here.

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