Easy Holiday Appetizers

Easy Holiday Appetizers on AprilJHarris.com
I’m convinced that the secret to relaxed holiday parties are easy holiday appetizers. Serving appetizers and cocktails keeps things informal, your guests relaxed, and makes things easy on the hosts as well. All of the appetizers I’m sharing in this post are either easy to put together at the last minute or make ahead wonders that will make entertaining a breeze.

I almost always start with a vegetable tray as part of my appetizer selection.

Easy Holiday Appetizers on AprilJHarris.com

The veggies can be prepared ahead and refrigerated until your guest arrive. Sliced vegetables look so colourful and they  go perfectly with just about any dip, especially this one.

Easy Holiday Appetizers on AprilJHarris.com

Served with tortilla chips as well as a veggie tray, My Easy Nacho Dip is definitely the easiest of my easy holiday appetizers. It takes less than ten minutes to put together and everyone loves it.

Red Pepper Crostini Topping on AprilJHarris.com
You can make my Red Pepper Crostini Topping ahead of time. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used for canapés, crostini or even to top mini pizzas. It also makes a great meze dish.

Easy Holiday Appetizers on AprilJHarris.com
My Crab Pate can be used to make canapés or top biscuits or bruschetta and it can be made up to a couple of hours ahead of time too.

Easy Holiday Appetizers on AprilJHarris.com

This Bacon Cream Cheese Appetizer is a real show-stopper. Cut open the deliciously easy crust (made from crescent rolls or chilled ready made croissant dough) to reveal melted cream cheese laced with bacon, onions and parsley. Guests can cut pieces off to enjoy or dip crackers into  the creamy cheesy goodness. There’s a vegetarian option as well. Let’s just say I usually make two!

I sometimes serve cookies or squares with coffee to round out the evening. An alternative to this is a fruit plate, a little taste of summer in the cooler months.

The great thing about these easy holiday appetizers is that you can keep the ingredients for many of them on hand for last minute guests as well more serving them at parties planned in advance. I generally keep a bowl of Red Pepper Crostini Topping on hand in the fridge ‘just in case’ as well as the ingredients for Nacho Dip and the Bacon Cream Cheese Appetizer. And although I like to use fresh crab meat for my Crab Pate, you can use canned in a pinch, so you can keep the ingredients for that in your store cupboard and fridge as well.

Easy holiday appetizers are definitely the key to relaxed holiday entertaining – so you can have just as much fun as your guests!

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