Easy Low Cost Decorating Ideas for Spring

Easy Low Cost Decorating Ideas for SpringOne of the best things about Winter is that it is followed by Spring. This is a season of new beginnings, when everything awakes from its hibernation. Colour, warmth and light returns with energy and abundance and doesn’t it feel good! You can’t help but be affected by it. In fact many will say that this is when you should be making your New Year resolutions, when you have the enthusiasm to keep them! It is no surprise that there is a spike in DIY sales at Easter. We feel the need to improve our homes and we have the energy to make it happen. If that is you then now is the time to plan. Collect your fabric swatches, magazine pictures and paint samples so that when you start you know exactly the look you want.

Spring can also be a great inspiration. You can introduce the emotion and energy of Spring into your home with these easy decorating ideas for spring.

Easy Low Cost Decorating Ideas for SpringBe inspired by the colours of nature
Accent colours such as aqua blues, spring greens and sunny yellows against a neutral background can uplift any interior.

Bring the outdoors in
Bring a piece of outdoor furniture inside to blur the edges between the garden and your home, it also can add an interesting texture and shape.

Easy Low Cost Decorating Ideas for SpringCombine pattern and colour
Let pattern and colour do the talking and be inspired by ‘Mother Nature’, look at how she combines them both and she never gets it wrong.

Experiment with paint
If you are nervous about introducing a radical change, be daring with paint, it is a job you can do yourself, it is inexpensive and easy to correct if you don’t like it.

Easy Low Cost Decorating Ideas for SpringLet the sun shine in
Introduce light by choosing designs that are clean, refreshing and light. Choose sheer fabrics, linens and open weave textiles, move from ceramic to crystal and glass and look at how you light your home.

Easy Low Cost Decorating Ideas for SpringDress your home with flowers
Nothing’s says Spring more than fresh flowers. Create arrangements that are simple and vibrant. This can be achieved by using all the same type or colour of flower, display in a glass container and wrap a beautiful ribbon around it.

Spring is the ideal time to ‘de-clutter’. Too many things can be distracting and are high maintenance. If you haven’t used or worn something in the last 12 months you probably don’t need it. Give it away and you’ll feel better and someone else will benefit from your generosity. The act of de-cluttering can be very cathartic.

Whether you are just adding some Spring seasonal accents or using it as an inspiration to do a complete makeover, I hope that these decorating ideas for spring help you enjoy creating something truly unique that reflects all that Spring represents.

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  1. I love the fabric! I’ve been itching to bring some color into the house and ditch the snowflakes made by the kids.

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