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This year’s British ‘summer’ has been so cold and rainy that the temptation has been to stick to dressing in sweaters, my Levi’s and Wellington Boots. I can’t stand missing out on summer fashions though, even if I’m missing out on the weather. (I am so looking forward to our upcoming trip to Canada and New York City where I understand there is actually a summer – in fact perhaps maybe slightly too much of one!)

I’m a big fan of Tommy Bahama’s relaxed take on summer dressing, and the pieces I picked up on a recent visit to California have been perfect for our changeable weather. Their Delanos Arc Tank and Carlsbad Cardigan have been summer staples. Teamed with my white Levis curves, it’s been a summery outfit that really stands up to inclement weather. If it had been warmer I’d have paired them with my white linen trousers; on colder days they have worked really well with traditional denim. The Delanos tank also works well paired with a crisp white or navy blazer for a more formal look, and the Carlsbad cardigan works with summer dresses. I’ve also got a huge amount of wear out of the Tommy Bahama Bedford Cardigan, fabulous for much more casual looks.


Carlsbad Cardigan | Delanos Arcs Tank | Bedford Cardigan

I can never enough of Stuart Weitzman’s wonderful shoes, and his Minx wedges have been a summer staple for me. My toes may get a little wet, but for these beauties I’m willing to risk it. I bought them at retail price early in the season (which I don’t regret for a moment as I’ve worn them so much) but savvy fashionistas can now find them on sale at fifty percent off.


On the days I have dared the cold to wear dresses, this next look has been one of my favourites.


Both the dress and sweater are from Ralph Lauren ready to wear. Purchased a few seasons ago, this classic look is rarely out of place at summer events here in the UK. I carry the blue theme through by accessorizing with a narrow Lancel belt (bought on on sale well over ten years ago on a trip to Paris) and blue Salvatore Ferragamo shoes purchased on same trip at thirty percent off retail. These were a fashion coup – Ferragamo are still marketing the same style (in various colours) and mine still look brand new. Not only that but if I divide the price by the number of of times I have worn them these are probably the most economical shoes in my wardrobe! My necklace is from a small craft boutique in the Irish countryside.

You will notice I’m wearing hose in this photograph, mainly because it has been so cold, but also because the influence of the Duchess of Cambridge has meant that most British women are wearing nude hose whatever the weather. We are seeing some fabulous autumn trends in hose over here, and I look forward to sharing them soon!

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