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Ecover, manufacturers of efficient ecological cleaning products, have announced another new initiative to encourage us all with our efforts to support the environment. Wear and Care is all about helping to keep your family’s clothes softer, cleaner and brighter while providing peace of mind that there are no nasty and unnecessary chemicals entering your family’s world, or the world around you. Wear and Care is also backed by eco-fashion designer Ada Zanditon, who believes not only in sourcing sustainable materials to manufacture clothes, but also in caring for your clothes to help them last longer while caring for the world around you.

Nowadays, recycling newspapers, reusing shopping bags and refilling empties are all part of everyday family life. But you can help support the environment by the choices you make about caring for your clothes as well. Ecover has a whole basket of laundry products that not only help to ensure you wear your favourite clothes time and again, but will also help to care for them by remaining kind to your skin and the environment:

Concentrated Laundry Liquid – packs enough punch to get your kids’ clothes clean and ready for the next adventure

Concentrated Bio and Non-Bio Powders – developed to perform at 30°C, meaning you can turn down the temperature without turning down performance and use less energy to keep your clothes clean

Fabric Softener – natural fragrances and plant based ingredients keep your family’s clothes smelling fresh whilst being gentle on soft skin

Delicate Laundry Liquid – perfect for finer fabrics and hand washing your favourite pieces (because it’s not all about the kids clothes!)

Stain Remover – our mighty stain buster comes to the rescue to banish everything from mud and grass stains to tomato sauce

I use Ecover products on a regular basis in my own home, and have consistently been impressed by their performance. Ecover has also recently been Approved by The Good Housekeeping Institute, so you can be confident that joining in with their Wear and Care initiative could help to make your life easier and help the environment too!

The 21st Century Housewife was not paid for this post. I do receive complimentary products from Ecover from time to time, but I also buy their products myself and use them regularly in my own home.

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