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Best Egg Recipes on
Egg recipes are always popular in our house and I’m happy about that. Eggs are a very economical source of seriously high quality nutrition and one of the best ‘fast foods’ I know. It takes less than five minutes to soft boil, poach or scramble some eggs for breakfast. By the time the toast is ready so are the eggs! Having said that, egg recipes aren’t just for breakfast. From muffins to quiche and even in salads, these nutritional powerhouses are kitchen staples and I use them in more recipes than I can count.

Eggs Are Good For You
Nutritional research in the mid twentieth century concluded eggs were high in cholesterol which led to poor old eggs getting a very bad rap, but more recently research has conclusively found that these accusations were false. An important source of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, a medium egg only contains about 66 calories. Eggs are an important part of a balanced diet and unless specifically advised to by a health professional there is no need to limit their consumption.

Of course, eggs are also an important part of many cake recipes. I know I can’t say cake is good for you, but a little treat from time to time definitely is!

Buy The Best Eggs
I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy organic, free range or pastured eggs. Avoid ‘barn’ eggs or eggs that don’t specifically say ‘free range’ or ‘organic’ on the package. Even better, source your eggs directly from a local farm with high welfare standards.

How to Tell If Eggs Are Fresh
Many eggs are date stamped with a use by date, but if you are ever unsure, there’s an easy way to tell if eggs are fresh. Simply put an egg into a glass or bowl of water. Fresh eggs will sink and lie flat. Older but still fresh eggs will stand with one side pointing upwards. If the egg is no longer fresh it will float to the top.

There’s virtually no end to egg recipes you can make for wholesome breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts.

My Favourite Egg Recipes
Best Egg Recipes on


Poached Eggs

Basil Cheese Strata

Brie and Basil Strata


French Toast Casserole

Best Egg Recipes on


Egg Salad Sandwiches

Salade Frisée aux Lardons

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Quiche


Pizza Florentine

French Bread Egg Pie

Easy Vegetarian Quiche

Sausage and Leek Quiche

Best Egg Recipes on

Orange Angel Food Cake with Orange Glaze

Blueberry Bread Pudding

Caramel Croissant Pudding

What are your favourite ways to use eggs?

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  1. I’m always shocked how good my quiche looks when it comes out of the oven (a real can’t-believe-I-made-that-moment) but I think my absolute favourite way to eat an egg is soft-boiled, with soldiers. So easy, so simple and for some reason the dipping delights me no end!

  2. That is awesome collection of egg recipes, April love it.

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