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Photos by Alex J. Harris

We are having a wonderful time here in New York City, watching as the city celebrates Christmas and gets ready to welcome the New Year. Walking is definitely one of the best ways to get around. I always seem to find taxi drivers who either haven’t been in New York very long or think I don’t know the city very well – like the one the other night who had no idea where the iconic Russian Tea Rooms were (or so he said). Luckily I have eaten there so many times I know the address by heart. He was very disappointed, and kept mumbling ‘never heard of it’! Then there was the taxi driver who pulled away from our hotel after my husband and I got in the taxi, but before our son did. I’m not sure who that was more scary for – my husband and I in the car, or for my son with his toes just inches from virtually spinning taxi wheels. Maybe I’m just ‘lucky’ with New York taxi drivers, but seriously, I’d much rather walk!


We loved the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. You can read more about our Christmas Day in New York by clicking here.

One of the highlights of our visit has definitely been our visit to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at Discovery Times Square. It was so moving to see some of the oldest examples of written Scripture, particularly the pieces from Isaiah and the Psalms. We were also very lucky to see a the fragments of one of the oldest, best preserved scrolls of The Ten Commandments. It really was awesome – in the traditional sense of the word.

Afterwards, we went to lunch at Sardi’s. I’ve always wanted to eat at this Broadway institution and I wasn’t disappointed. The surroundings are wonderful and the food and service are excellent.


It’s such fun looking at all the famous caricatures, and I got a real kick out of the vintage ‘Guy’s and ‘Dolls’ restrooms too!

Of course you can’t really come to New York without shopping, and we’ve definitely done our share. Lord & Taylor is such a great place for bargains this time of year, and I always love Bloomingdales. We have to visit as many Apple Stores as possible as well, and we were so impressed by the wonderful new store in Grand Central Station. It has been built so organically into the station, it looks like it has been there for years. If a store can be beautiful, this one is.


I also love wandering through the Grand Central Market, looking at all the wonderful foodie delights on offer.


All the fantastic fresh products make me miss cooking!

We are definitely enjoying the Holidays here in New York City. I hope that wherever you are, you and yours are enjoying the holiday season too!

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