Entertaining Tips for Sparkling Holiday Celebrations

I really enjoy entertaining. One of our favourite things to do is get lots of friends and family together for a drinks and nibbles party. I love to bring out the bubbles and celebrate. There’s nothing like the sound of a popping cork to start a party off right.

Of course I always offer lots of non-alcoholic alternatives for designated drivers, expectant mums and those who would rather not drink alcohol. However, I have often thought what a shame it is that non-drinkers don’t get to share in the fun of the fizz, so I was really pleased to hear that Shloer have just launched two brand new varieties of alcohol-free bubbly. Shloer Celebration is presented in a celebratory-style bottle with a popping cork to make it the perfect party starter this holiday season. So even if you have to pass on the champagne, you can still enjoy a sense of occasion and sip on a tall glass of chilled bubbles.

The new range comes in two delicious flavours made from sparkling grape juice; Shloer Celebration White Bubbly and Shloer Celebration Pink Fizz. Shloer sent me some samples to try and both were absolutely delicious. They have a great grown up flavour and are not over-sweet, but in my experience the little ones love them too. And as Shloer is completely alcohol free, it means everyone can enjoy a proper fizzy toast to whatever you are celebrating. It’s a particularly big hit at baby showers.

Photo courtesy of Shloer

Photo courtesy of Shloer

My top tips for hosting a fun drinks and nibbles party:

Keep it simple
Everyone loves fresh fruit and veggie platters, so these are a great place to start in terms of nibbles. Then choose just a couple of dips and appetizers. Don’t have a little of lots of things; offer an abundance of a few great things.

I follow this rule with alcohol too. I generally offer everyone a glass of champagne to start – or Shloer Celebration if they are not drinking alcohol. Then I offer one type of lager beer and one bitter, red and white wine and perhaps one cocktail served in a pitcher. I always make sure there’s lots of soft drinks too.

Encourage people to help themselves
After the first drink, I encourage people to help themselves from a drinks table quipped with lots of glasses. Be sure to include a variety of soft drinks on this table as well as alcohol. It’s nice to have some lemon and lime slices on hand as well as an ice bucket. Don’t forget to keep it filled.

I also put all the food on a big table for people to help themselves from. I do pass some of the appetizers round to get the party started, but then I put the plates on the table and just let people help themselves.

Make clean-up easy
I use recycleable disposable plates and cutlery wherever possible. There are some beautiful wipe clean tablecloths available too. Keep loading the dishwasher and run it throughout the party.

You are supposed to have fun too. Don’t stress and be sure to accept any offers of help. You may even want to ask friends to bring their favourite appetizers. People are almost always flattered to be asked.

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Entertaining can be easy and lots of fun for you as well as your guests. Take my tips this holiday season and enjoy throwing parties that sparkle!

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  1. I hope we have this brand in the States, too. I’ve been thinking about having an Open House in December sometime. I’ll pin these ideas to my Appetizer board.

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