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I collected these from my garden this evening, just before dinner. Although my garden is very large, the vegetable garden itself is not that big, just two raised beds and a few pots. But even a couple of pots can give you fresh salad, fruit and vegetables on an almost daily basis throughout the good weather.

My vegetable garden gives me so much pleasure, and it helps me to feed my family nutritious and delicious food that does not have to travel any distance at all to get to our table. Of course, it would be impossible to exist solely on the fruits of my labours, but I’ve always felt that it was better to do something than nothing at all. I’ve written before aboutThe One Pot Pledge, but great things are worth mentioning more than once.  It is a British initiative to get people growing one pot of vegetables, salad greens or herbs in their garden or even on a windowsill. It’s good for the environment, your pocketbook, your health and your soul. Of course, if you have more space available, you are encouraged to by all means plant more than just one pot. There’s lots of information and encouragement on their website.

Growing vegetables is a great activity to do with kids, giving them the opportunity to really see where the vegetables and fruit come from, and  it can even encourages picky eaters to try those things they might not have otherwise.

The peas I collected this evening were delicious right out of their pods, but I added them to a lovely couscous dish.


I simply roasted chopped peppers (one red, one yellow and one orange) in a roasting dish with a bit of olive oil. The oven needs to be fairly hot – 400℉ or 200℃ – and they take about 25 minutes to roast. If you remember, it helps to stir them once or twice. Then I sprinkled a stock cube over 1 cup of couscous and added two cups of boiling water and the fresh peas from my garden. I left the couscous to soak for five minutes, then added the hot roast peppers, stirred it all together with a fork, and added salt and pepper to taste. (I also had some leftover marinated artichoke hearts I wanted to use up, so I chopped them and added them a this stage too, but this is purely optional.)  This would make a great veggie main course all on its own, or with some chick peas or sliced almonds stirred through as well, but I served it with chicken breasts that I had roasted simply in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Certainly the peas were a very small part of the meal, but they made it very special indeed. Our dinner was seriously delicious, and I had the pleasure of eating something I had grown myself.

So if you have always considered growing a vegetable garden, or would rather start with a few pots, now is definitely the time to get growing!

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