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It’s one thing to see the fabulous fall makeup looks in magazines, but how to translate them into real life? After all, not everyone has a makeup artist on tap and the time to spend hours on their makeup. Not to mention that while cat’s eye style eyeliner may be all the rage this year, it’s not really something you can wear doing the school run. Don’t worry, with a bit of planning it’s easy to keep your look classic but still give a nod to the latest trends.

I firmly believe we are all beautiful before we even start to gild the lily but I also think it doesn’t hurt to make the most of what you’ve got. Back when I was modelling, I took a diploma course in makeup artistry and while the colour and style trends may change, the principles of good makeup will always stay the same.

Before we talk colour, let’s start with some seasonal basics.

Sort through your makeup
Discard anything that’s old or crumbling or that has been around for too long. While there is no absolute rule for how long you can keep makeup, most powder based products will last well for about two years. Mascara should be changed every three months because of the risk of bacteria from the brush getting into your eyes. Don’t forget to go through the makeup bag you carry round in your handbag as well.

Wash your makeup brushes
Makeup brushes need to be washed regularly. You don’t want to be transferring bacteria to your skin, nor do you want your colours to be adulterated by product left on the brushes. Use mild soap or shampoo, rinse well and let the brushes dry thoroughly. I leave them brush side up in a tall glass to dry.

Be sure your skin is in tip top condition
The majority of your beauty budget should be spent on skin care. This time of year you need to be thinking about moisture. Even if your skin is oily, a light lotion can help keep it fresh and blemish free. And if you don’t already wear eye cream, this is definitely the time to start. The delicate area around the eye really does need special care.

Have your eyebrows professionally shaped
Eyebrows frame your face and it’s important to keep them well groomed. There’s no one particular fashion for brows at the moment, although the trend is towards a thicker brow. For those of us with thinner brows, the right shape can really make a difference. I also have my brows tinted, something I recommend if your brows seem sparse or the colour is uneven. Make sure you choose a beauty therapist you can trust and discuss the look you want. (I’m not a fan of the brow bars in the middle of mall aisles – for something as important as eyebrows you want to visit somewhere established.)

And now for some colour
Have a look online or in your favourite magazines. Which autumn trends make you think ‘wow that looks great’ and which ones make you cringe? Check out the colours on offer and visit several makeup counters. Take advantage of the opportunity when they offer to make you up. There’s no makeup counter in the world where they are expecting you to buy everything they suggest and I’ve never had a makeup artist balk when I have said I wanted to walk round and see the look they had created for me in various different lights.

Then think about what looks you really loved. Was it the deep berry lip stain you tried, or perhaps the latest berry gloss was more your style? Do you like a strong lip and very little colour on your eyes, or do you prefer something a bit more balanced?  All of these looks are trending. Purples are very big for eyes this year, but they run the gamut from lilac and grape to deep aubergine. Which shade(s) did you prefer? Metallics are a strong trend for eyes this fall, but do you feel comfortable wearing them?  The late Coco Chanel said, “Fashion passes; style remains”. It’s what looks good on you, what makes you feel your best, that is important.

For a great fall look you really only need a few products. If you don’t have them already, I suggest a good foundation and/or concealer and possibly a loose powder depending on what coverage you want. From there, I recommend one good eyeshadow pallet that will give you several different looks, a mascara, one eyeliner if you wear it (I rarely do), one blush, one lipstick and perhaps one lip gloss. There are lots of other optional extras that I love and use regularly, but this is really all you need.

And there you have it – makeup for fall that gives a deep nod to fashion without compromising your own unique and wonderful style.

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  1. Thanks for all the great tips, April. I hear you on the eyebrows…mine tend toward the thin side and I find a little pencil goes a long way!

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