Find Your Perfect Match at John Lewis

Find Your Perfect Match at John Lewis
Are you in the market for a new washer, dryer or combination washer/dryer but a bit bewildered about what to choose? There is such a variety of appliances with lots of different features on the market. How can you know for sure which model is right for you?

We have been looking for a new washer for our son and his partner but with all the models available it’s been really hard to decide which is best for them. So I was excited to learn about the new Find Your Perfect Match tool at

Find Your Perfect Match lets you answer a few simple questions about your needs and requirements for your washer, dryer or combination washer dryer. Simply select the answers appropriate to you on each screen and The Find Your Perfect Match tool sifts through all the models available. Based on your answers it chooses the perfect model of AEG appliance for you.

My son and I used the Find Your Perfect Match tool together. It was the work of moments but covered everything that was important to us when choosing an appliance. The first question on the Find Your Perfect Match tool is what appliance you need – a washer, a dryer or a combination washer/dryer. Once we established that we were in the market for a washer there were five more easy questions about what we wanted in the appliance – what room the appliance would be located in, the number of people in the home, what sort of items you wash, how often you run your washer and how full your it is when you run it. The tool didn’t ask for any personal details so I felt absolutely confident and secure using it.

The Find Your Perfect Match tool determined that my son and his partner would be best suited to this AEG washing machine.

Find Your Perfect Match at John Lewis

It really is absolutely perfect for their needs and I feel confident that with AEG and John Lewis they will be very satisfied with their washing machine for many years to come.

I found the Find Your Perfect Match tool easy and actually kind of fun to use. It’s a great way to quickly and efficiently sift through the plethora of appliances out there to find a high quality AEG washer, dryer or combination washer/dryer that perfectly suits your needs.


I tested the Find Your Perfect Match tool online and, as always, this is my honest opinion. I will be compensated for this post.

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  1. Thank you April for post, I’m finding it so daunting to find the right washing machine and this tool is amazing. So glad I found out about this. Looking forward to ordering my washing machine from John Lewis soon.

  2. Goodness, I wish John Lewis would do a match service for husbands/boyfriends/men. Something tells me JL would do a great job of picking the best!

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