Great Things to Do in October

Great Things to Do in October
Like L M Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”! The leaves have begun to change in earnest and I start to feel it’s time to draw hearthside with family and friends. I crave the autumns of my native Canada (that’s the Niagara Rapids pictured above in a photograph taken by my son) as our British autumns have a tendency to be less colourful and more grey and wet. However no matter what the weather is like, you can still embrace the season and get your home and family ready for the cooler weather and the busy holiday season to come with these Great Things to Do in October.

Shop your closet and update your winter wardrobe
Is your winter coat still in good condition? If so, see if you have a pretty scarf on hand that might give it a new lease of life. Make sure your boots are still up to cold weather and rain as well. If you need a new coat or boots, there are lots of pre-season sales on now. Bring cool weather clothes closer to the front of your wardrobe or store your summer gear in a spare closet if you have room.

Tidy your lingerie drawer
Get rid of the pieces in your lingerie drawer that are past their best – no greying knickers allowed!  Bras generally only last 6 months if they are worn and washed regularly. Also, it’s best to be fitted for a new bra at least once every two years as your size changes with age and weight fluctuations. Most stores offer free professional fittings. This is well worth doing. I wore a size 36C for years until I had my first professional fitting. I’m a 32F – ’nuff said.

Get your family ready for the cooler weather to come
Has everyone in the family got winter coats, boots, hats and mittens that fit? Don’t ask me how I know but there’s nothing like discovering your child’s coat is too short on the first cold day of the year! As kids grow so fast and are usually too big for their clothes before they are worn out, why not have a coat/cold weather gear exchange with friends who have kids of similar ages? It can save a fortune and is good for the environment as well. If you do need to go shopping, now is the time as there is a wider selection of styles and colours available.

Adjust your skin care routine
When the weather changes, your skin care needs change too. You may find you need more moisture in the winter months or perhaps a product to calm the redness cold weather can cause in sensitive skin. If you are not already using an eye cream, now is definitely the time to start. Use a hand and body cream every day to prevent dryness. Remember kids have dry and sensitive skin too so make sure you have products on hand for them as well.

Restock the medicine cabinet
It’s cold and flu season again, so make sure you have over the counter remedies on hand to treat minor cases of cold and flu. It’s also a good time to check there are no out of date medicines in there and that your first aid kit is fully restocked.

Buy new toothbrushes
When did you last have new toothbrushes? If it’s more than 3 months ago, it’s time for new ones. Also keep fresh toothbrushes on hand. You should always change your toothbrush after a bout of cold or flu – otherwise you risk being re-infected.

Keep beds fresh and clean
My late mom always taught me to open the windows and air the beds every morning before you make them. If it’s super cold, even just a few minutes is fine. Just be sure to close the door of the room so the rest of the house doesn’t chill down too much. Change beds once a week, more often if someone is not well as germs can lurk on the sheets.

Update your address book
I hesitate to mention Christmas as we’ve only just had Canadian Thanksgiving, but it’s a good idea to go through your address book and make sure you have an up to date list of everyone who you will be sending cards or gifts to over the holiday period. If you have family and friends abroad you should definitely do this before the end of the month.

Get out and enjoy the weather when it’s nice
Finally, get outside whenever time and weather permit and encourage your kids to do likewise. Walking is great exercise and with the dwindling light we need to get as much vitamin D as we can while we can. Wrap up warm and enjoy exploring with younger kids or take the opportunity for a long walk and a chat with older ones. It’s a great way to clear your head and enjoy some time together.

What great things do you enjoy doing in October? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I love October too; in fact, I’m pretty happy to see each season arrive!
    I was glad to find the part where you suggest getting outside. I agree, British autumns can be a little dreary, but on a sunny day, crunching through some leaves, followed (of course) by tea and fresh-baked cake, is hard to beat.
    I also love to spend time choosing next year’s diary. I keep thinking I should wean myself off and go fully electronic, but somehow I can’t quite give it up.

  2. Great list. I’ve already begun to adjust my skin care regimen, even down here in the deep south. My daughter is busy getting coats and jackets for my five grandchildren (they grow too fast!)
    I need to restock the medicine cabinet for sure!
    Thanks for sharing with us at Home Matters! Please be sure to come back next week again!

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