History of The 21st Century Housewife

Family Collage
I have always maintained that there is a lot more to being a housewife than meets the eye, and that housewifery is a career in itself. Back in the late nineties this often inspired not only negativity, but also derision. I began writing down my feelings about the subject in short essays designed to encourage myself, other housewives and stay at home moms.

It was during a conversation in early hours of the new millennium that I first referred to myself as The 21st Century Housewife, and shortly after that I decided to use the essays I had written to start a website. The first version of The 21st Century Housewife had its online launch in 2002.

We have grown up together the website and I, and as my life has changed, so has The 21st Century Housewife. We travelled more and more as a family, my style, homes and gardens changed, and I began not only enjoying cooking from other people’s recipes, but also developing my own. Over the years The 21st Century Housewife evolved from a social commentary into a lifestyle website featuring inspiration, tips and trends for anyone who loves food, cooking, entertaining, fashion, travel and the finer things in life.

Welcome to my life, my home, my world. From the latest foodie news to fashion and beauty scoops and the places to visit, eat and stay all around the world, The 21st Century Housewife offers something for everyone.