Holiday 2012 Makeup Trends: Sparkle and Shine

Holiday Makeup

Pictured above: Dior’s Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 764 Fairy Golds, Bobbi Brown’s City Twilight and Bellini Lip & Eye Palette, Diorific Long Wearing True Colour Lipstick in 039 Lady
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Bold jewel tones are offset by softly shimmering neutrals and the red lip is everywhere for Holiday 2012. Influenced by upcoming films like The Great Gatsby and television series like Downton Abbey, there’s a return to old fashioned glamour as well as a ladylike look reminiscent of a gentler age.

At Bobbi Brown the Caviar and Oyster palette allows you to combine pretty and edgy with strong smokey shades on one side and softer more neutral shades on the other. It also contains my favourite skin highlighter of the season – Ballet Sparkle – a sheer shimmer powder that works on both cheeks and eyes. I’m also loving the City Twilight Collection, a versatile palette containing colours for eyes, lips and cheeks sold alongside a mascara, black eyeliner, nail polish and even a travel size eye cream. Literally everything you need for your handbag and fabulous for travel, it’s limited edition and available online only so get them while they last! Another excellent handbag staple is Bobbi’s Bellini Lip & Eye Palette which contains neutral shades to suit nearly everyone and makes a wonderful gift.

Shimmer works best in moderation. Try highlighting a neutral eye with a hint of sparkly shadow in the inner or outer corners or brushing a bit of shimmer on the tops of your cheekbones. Blusher for Holiday 2012 is neutral and meant to give you a glow rather than a pop of colour.

Dior and Chanel have both gone for glamour and offer the perfect shade of red lip for literally everyone. Dior’s Grand Bal collection offers a range of gloriously strong shades and includes a super chic couture makeup palette. I love their lipsticks in Diorling and Lady and I couldn’t resist topping them with a hint of shimmer from their Lamé Gold Dior Addict Ultra Gloss. I know the beauty pack is firmly divided on lip gloss but provided you avoid overkill a hint of gloss on lips – particularly the lower lip – can be very sexy.

There is (honestly!) a shade of red lipstick to suit absolutely everyone. To find yours, visit several different makeup counters and ask for advice. Try before you buy. It’s definitely worth the effort. There’s nothing like a bold red lip to make you feel really confident, but be sure to pair it with more neutral eyes and cheeks.

I’m excited about another new release from Dior – their Dior Contour Universel Transparent Lipliner. Practically eliminating the need for multiple coloured lipliners, this gel liner helps you create a beautiful lip line and prevents colour bleed.

Lashes are lush for Holiday 2012 and everyone has a favourite mascara. I’ve been using Diorshow for years, and despite trying many other brands I keep coming back to it. Despite this I am impressed by newcomer Fanomenal Lashes by Boots No. 7. Nearly half the price of the designer brands, this mascara gives you lovely long lashes and stays put all day – and night – long.

Well manicured nails are a must for autumn/holiday 2012 with more neutral beiges and white polishes taking the stage alongside darker berries, reds and even black. If, like me, you struggle to maintain a manicure, keep nails a bit shorter and embrace the trend for a more neutral nail. Or try professionally applied Jessica Geleration nail colours to help prolong the life of your manicure.

Holiday 2012 is definitely the season to go for a look enhanced by gold, glamour and lots of sparkle. Embrace your inner glamour puss and enjoy the party!

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