Holiday Entertaining Without Stress

Holiday Entertaining Without Stress
This is the time of year we all love to entertain, but with mile long to do lists and lots of pressures, it’s also the time we get most worked up about it. So how to enjoy holiday entertaining without stress? It’s easy when you know how.

My husband and I love to entertain. We have given loads of parties over the years, both at home and in larger outside venues. One of our favourite things is to do is invite people to our home for cocktails – or what we like to call our ‘drinks and nibbles’ parties. We generally host about 30 to 40 people at a time, but with a bit of advance planning and just a tiny bit of organisation, we both enjoy ourselves just as much as our guests do. It’s the best example of holiday entertaining without stress I know!

Here are some of my top tips and suggestions to help you enjoy holiday entertaining as much as we do.

Top Tips for Holiday Entertaining Without Stress

Keep it simple
Don’t feel you have to give elaborate dinner parties, especially this time of year. There are so many occasions to eat right now, it can be a welcome relief to enjoy a drink and a few canapés, and not have to face another big meal. In fact, our at home holiday entertaining nearly always consists almost entirely of our ‘drinks and nibbles’ parties and they are always well attended.

Do it your way
You shouldn’t feel pressured to impress anyone. Entertain people the way you would like to be entertained, and your party is almost guaranteed to be one people will talk about for months to come.

Think things through
Be realistic about the number of people your house will hold. Better to have two parties for 20 than one for 40 and be absolutely crowded out. Do you have enough glasses? Consider disposable glasses or renting glasses if you need more. I almost always use paper plates unless I am serving a full meal. Don’t forget napkins!

Accept offers of help
If someone offers to bring something and it would be helpful for them to do that, then let them. It’s also no sin to ask people to bring things – in fact it can be very flattering. Ask your friend to bring ‘that wonderful cheeseball’ she always makes or ‘those amazing chocolate cupcakes’. No one likes to arrive at a party empty handed anyway.

Make sure you have time to enjoy the party too
Choose things you can make ahead of time, and don’t be over optimistic about how much time you will have to get ready. I used to rely on outside catering for many of our larger parties but as my confidence has grown I generally make most of the food myself. I use plenty of make ahead recipes and also don’t worry about working in the kitchen when guests are present. Most people end up in the kitchen anyway!

Easy Holiday Appetizers on
Simple and frugal is fine

Red Pepper Crostini Topping on toasted French bread
Tuna salad on Triscuits
Easy Nacho Dip with Tortilla Chips and/or sliced veggies for dipping (shown above)
Devilled eggs
Finely chopped egg salad on Ritz crackers
Cocktail sticks with small cubes of cheese alternated with small chunks of drained tinned pineapple
Ritz crackers topped with a soft cheese and section of drained canned mandarin orange
Square crackers topped with some soft cheese, a tiny piece of ham and a slice of hard boiled egg

Holiday Entertaining Without Stress
Get the numbers right for H
oliday Entertaining Without Stress

How many canapés per person?
For appetizers only before a meal, allow 3 to 4 canapés per person.
If the canapés are replacing a meal, then allow 10 to 12 per person.
If it’s just ‘cocktails’ or ‘drinks and nibbles’ allow about 8 to 10 per person.
I always keep some good cheese and biscuits on hand as well as chips and dips, just in case the canapés disappear too quickly!
How much wine/beer etc will you need?
Allow half a bottle of wine per person, as well as a couple of bottles of beer. Not everyone will drink that amount, or even drink alcohol, but this equation allows for those who drink more than average so you don’t run out. You can’t really count cocktails into the equation either, so if you are going to make them, it’s a good idea to choose one or two and serve them from pitchers until they run out, and then let folks switch to wine, beer or soft drinks. Another alternative is to welcome everyone with a glass of sparkling wine or Prosecco poured over a couple of teaspoons of Crème de Cassis (for Kir Royale), St Germaine (Elderflower liqueur) or peach puree (for Bellinis), and then just offer wine and beer after that. (You can usually get 5 to 6 glasses from a bottle of sparkling wine.)

Keep the Party Going

Fill a large cooler with ice and cold drinks and put it somewhere accessible so folks can help themselves as well. (Be sure to put a cloth nearby to wipe off any of the wet bottles, and put a bottle opener and corkscrew near by). Walk through the party frequently with wine and water bottles to top up people’s glasses – it’s a great way to make sure the conversation keeps flowing and that everyone is enjoying themselves.

Holiday Entertaining Without Stress
Holiday entertaining without stress is easy. Don’t get knitted about about how things ‘should’ be. Let the evening evolve and everyone will have much more fun. There are no hard and fast rules about how to throw a successful party – but one of the best ways to make sure you do is to relax and enjoy it yourself!

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  1. I’m curious: what are the pretty things which look like green leaves?

    • You’ve caught me, Pauline 🙂 Because I so often entertain at night and the light is so awful when I take the photographs, I used a photo from a buffet I attended in this piece instead of from one I hosted. It took place in the daytime so the lighting was much, much better! I am not a hundred percent sure what the leafy things were but they tasted good 🙂 It is my front door in the top picture though 😉

  2. That nacho dip looks terrific! I agree, I try to keep it smple and with the exception of a full dinner I always use disposable.

  3. These are great tips to not get stressed out over holiday entertaining. We’ve hosted many birthday and holiday parties and it’s so easy to get caught up in all the planning. I’ve learned long ago to not try to do everything yourself and to have others help, as well as bring food or something else.

    And that nacho dip does look delicious!

  4. There is no such thing, LOL 🙂 But great tips!

  5. I love holiday parties! And thinking them through is definitely key to being able to enjoy the party once my guests arrive!

  6. Such a helpful post, April! I love to throw parties too, I love to think about about the decoration and food!Your tips are really wonderful. There is always somthing new to learn over here! The buffet table looks so pretty and inviting too!

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