Homestead Cooking with Carol – Bountiful Make Ahead Meals

Homestead Cooking with Carol
As so many of you know from the Hearth and Soul Blog Hop, I have a real heart for local, seasonal home-cooked food. This is what attracted me to Carol J. Alexander’s new book ‘Homestead Cooking with Carol – Bountiful Make Ahead Meals.’

You may already know Carol from her blog ‘Everything Home with Carol‘. Her new book, Homestead Cooking with Carol, shows the busy homesteading homemaker – as well as those of us who may source our provisions from local farmers and suppliers – how to prepare food at harvest time so we spend less time making supper the rest of the year. Carole specialises in simple, healthy recipes that are perfect for those nights when you lack the energy to chop, braise, caramelize, or glaze.

While I could not call myself a homesteader by any stretch of the imagination, I really enjoyed reading Carol’s book and took a lot of great ideas from it. The recipes are tasty and there were many make-ahead meals I know would work really well in our home. Carol also gives advice on meal planning and budgeting – including a great chapter on how to get eighteen – yes eighteen! – delicious meals from one ham.

In addition to this, Carol provides sound help and advice for those who are venturing – or considering a venture – into homesteading territory. While that isn’t me, I found it incredibly interesting to read about the joys and practicalities of this way of life.

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Homestead Cooking with Carol - Bountiful Make-Ahead Meals

I asked Carol some questions about Homestead Cooking with Carol and the things that inspired her to write it.

What is the most challenging thing you have faced as a homesteader?
The growing up of my sons. We moved to the country and bought property to give our children something to do besides reaching the next level on the latest video game. They put up the fencing, they built the barn and animal housing, they handled the goats, milked the goats, butchered the pigs and chickens, etc. The year our oldest married and the second oldest left for the mission field within a few months of each other was tough. My daughter graduated from high school then and started working outside the home. The next child had no interest in homesteading whatsoever. My workforce was reduced to a six and nine year old. We seriously had to scale back.

What is your favourite recipe in the book?
My favorite recipe to eat would be the hummus made with black beans and red peppers. My favorite recipe story is about the Power Patties.

How would you encourage someone who is thinking of moving away from the pavement and embracing the homesteading way of life?
Live like you want to live in the country before you ever move. Learn and practice all the skills you can. Then, when you do move, start small and simple. You have time. No need to take it all on at once and become overwhelmed.

To purchase your copy of Homestead Cooking with Carol – Bountiful Make Ahead Meals click here.  Also,  on Sunday, March 16 at 9:00 p.m. EST, Carol is planning a teleconference on homestead cooking. It will be a time to learn the difference between cooking on the homestead and cooking off the homestead. She will share her thoughts then have a time of questions and answers. She would love for you to join. If you think you might want to, click here to sign up to receive more details. If you’re not sure that day and time will work for you, sign up anyway and then you can get the recording to listen to at your convenience.

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  1. Thank you, so much, April for your kind words and review.

  2. Good Morning April, It is lovely to meet you. I found your blog by visiting other friends and so I thought I would pop over to say hello.
    My family were farmers and my mother grew up on a farm here in England, so farm life is in the blood. I was fascinated to read about Carol’s life as a homesteader and the reasons she became a homesteader. I know I will not be able to enter the competition as I live in England, so good luck to the winner of this fabulous book.
    April, I have enjoyed my visit, so I am now following you with Google+
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

    • Hello Daphne and welcome!
      It’s lovely to meet you too. As you have probably gleaned from my other posts, I live in England too. I think you can still enter as the prize is an ebook – I will double check with Carol and include your name in the draw if it is possible 🙂
      I’ve followed you back on Google + and I look forward to reading more of your blog.
      Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

  3. Darlene Roudebush says:

    Hi! I am already a subscriber to your posts and would love to win this book! I am not a homesteader, but would love to be and the book sounds great. I am going to check out her site.

    Thanks for introducing her here as I had not heard of her before!

    • Thank you, Darlene, I’ll put your name in the draw. It really is a wonderful book.

    • Congratulations Darlene, your comment number 2 was chosen as the winner by Random Number Generator! Unfortunately there is no link to your email address here – Please can you contact me on within 48 hours so I can pass your details to Carol? I’ll publicise this on my Facebook page as well so hopefully you will see it somewhere!

      • I’m struggling to get hold of you as there’s no email address associated with your comment Darlene. I’ll announce that you’ve won in this week’s Hearth and Soul post so it will go in the newsletter which you should receive as a subscriber. I’m sorry, but if I haven’t heard from you by Friday 29th I will have to choose another winner.

  4. Hi April, we have bumped into each other in so many ways through the years! This book sounds like a treasure, and one I would love to have on my shelf. Thank you for this opportunity. And of course you are on my reader so I subscribe to your posts.

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