Hotel Danieli – The Place to Stay in Venice

The Hotel Danieli is the place to stay in Venice, a gorgeous, iconic location from which to explore this most beautiful of cities.

Hotel Danieli - The Place to Stay in Venice for luxury, history and comfort

I first stayed at the Hotel Danieli some months ago when my husband took my sister-in-law, her husband and I on an amazing trip to Venice. The trip was in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, and my in-laws’ 30th. My second visit to The Danieli was with my husband in September 2017, and I’ve updated this post with more photographs and information to reflect that.

Situated on the banks of the Venetian Lagoon, The Hotel Danieli has been welcoming visitors for nearly 200 years. It is comprised of three palaces dating from the 14th, 17th and 19th centuries, From the moment you enter the Danieli, you know you are somewhere very special indeed. There is even an entrance right on the canal, so you can step directly from your water taxi into the hotel. It’s a feeling like no other, stepping directly from a launch into a vestibule off the hotel lobby!

The hotel staff are warm, welcoming and helpful. The lady who served us enjoyed telling us the history of The Hotel Danieli as she showed us to our room. There was something lovely around every corner and lots of breathtaking works of art.

Rooms at the Hotel Danieli

The decoration of the rooms varies depending on which part of the hotel you are staying in, but every room I saw had its own unique charm.

The Daniele Hotel Venice
Our room (above) was fitted with mahogany furniture and velvet curtains and had a useful walk in closet and en-suite bathroom. We had a small balcony (you could stand on it but not sit down) overlooking the canal.

Dandolo Suites at The Hotel Danieli

On our second stay at the Danieli, my husband booked us one of their newly refurbished and redecorated Dandolo suites. It was breathtaking.

A suite at The Hotel Danieli, the place to stay in Venice.

With an entry hall, sitting room and long hallway with lots of built in cupboards and storage space, our Dandolo suite gave us plenty of room to stretch out and settle in. The bedroom was absolutely beautiful, as was the bathroom, completely with a separate shower. The suite was decorated with many pieces of Murano glass, from mirrors and chandeliers to decorative vases. We also had a long terrace with a beautiful view out to the Grand Canal, where we enjoyed pre-dinner drinks most evenings.

Public Areas in the Hotel Danieli

Hotel Danieli - The Place to Stay in Venice

Everywhere in the Hotel Danieli is luxurious. From reception (top left) to the hallways (top right) and even the hotel bar (bottom photographs), it’s like staying in a fabulous museum, where you are allowed to sit on all the antiques. There are little ante-rooms everywhere, full of priceless paintings and works of art, complete with elegant sofas and chair that encourage you to pause and just drink in the beauty.

The Restaurant Terrazza Danieli

The Restaurant Terrazza Danieli, on the top floor of the hotel, offers wonderful views over the Venetian Lagoon. In warm weather you can sit outside on the terrace but there are also many comfortable tables indoors.

The Daniele Hotel Venice

On our first visit, beautifully presented, innovative dishes featured in course after course of delicious extravagance. The desserts were just incredible. It was an unforgettable meal. My only proviso – be warned, dinner at the Terrazza Danieli is a very special treat, with a price tag to match. The cover charge alone is 16 Euro a head.

On our second visit, the meal was not quite as good. The menu had changed and was much more complex and expensive. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my beautiful gnocchi starter (I’ve never seen such lovely, tiny, tender gnocchi), my main course was a bit disappointing. While we felt like our first dinner was a delicious indulgence, we left the second feeling like we’d not enjoyed it enough for the amount we had spent.

Breakfasts in the Terrazza Danieli are amazing, and well worth the price if you like a good breakfast. There’s a great selection of both hot and cold dishes, lots of fruit and yogurt, and on two of the days of our visit their was a cooking station where you could order freshly cooked eggs and omelettes. You also simply cannot beat the view.

Hotel Danieli – The Place To Stay in Venice

Jut steps away from St Mark’s Square, the Hotel Danieli is the perfect location from which to explore the Venice, and a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the history of this beautiful, iconic city.

I always feel a tinge of regret as the doorman helps me into the water taxi that takes us back to the airport. ‘Arrivederci Signora,’ he always says. Yes, indeed, until we meet again. We look forward to returning to the Hotel Danieli on our next visit to Venice.

Both visits to The Danieli were private holidays and we paid all our own expenses. This post contains my honest, unsolicited opinions.

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