Introducing the New Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth

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I know paper kitchen towel is not always the most environmentally friendly option, but Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth have convinced me that in some cases, they really are the best choice. I was sent some to try, and I really did give them a trial by fire.

If you are a regular reader, you will know our home is going through a major redecoration, so major that our interior designer is calling it a ‘renovation’. Builders’ and decorators’ dust and dirt get everywhere. There were many jobs that meant I would most likely have had to throw a fabric cloth away afterwards. Stronger than a paper towel, and almost as strong as fabric, Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth have been a great addition to my cleaning arsenal. My decorator even used them instead of a damp cloth to wipe away floor tile grouting from the skirting boards as he worked. It left a beautiful finish and a few sheets went an awfully long way. He was really impressed by Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth, as was I.

Versatile Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth claim they can do it all, tackling any job – big or small – from wiping small spills, to cleaning your bathroom and polishing furniture and glass. My own trial of this product backs up these claims, and I am not surprised that in tests it has proved to be the strongest kitchen towel on the market. Also, compared to normal kitchen towels, you can use less and still do more. And using less means less waste, so they are much friendlier to the environment than ordinary kitchen towels. Their £2.39 price tag means that in many cases, they are also the more economical option when compared to ordinary kitchen towel. Plus, they really are much more hygienic for those really nasty jobs like cleaning toilets, as they can be thrown away after use.

Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth are an excellent product, and I am happy to recommend them.

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