Jessica Phenom Nail Polish – a Review

Jessica Phenom Nail Polish
I have been a huge fan of Jessica nail products for years. More recently I have become a devotee of Jessica’s Geleration, professionally applied soak off gel nails set with a UV light. Geleration protects your nails, allowing them to grow underneath the gel, and some people find they can last up to 3 weeks. As someone who types a lot and often has her hands in water, I am hard on my nails. Even so, I find my Geleration nails usually last up to 14 days, staying shiny the whole time.

However I hesitate to have Geleration nails applied when I’m travelling just in case I can’t find a salon that can soak them off for me if they start to wear. I have bought an at home removal kit, but you have to use cotton wool and aluminium foil as part of the removal process, so it’s not really travel friendly.

I was excited to learn about new Jessica Phenom Nail Polish. It promises the colour and shine of a gel manicure but you can remove it with ordinary nail polish remover. Much more travel friendly! Phenom doesn’t need a UV lamp to set and it dries within ten minutes. It can also last up to ten days.

Recently I had the opportunity to be among the first to try new Jessica Phenom Nail Polish at mimi spa in Burton on Trent. I was excited by the range of colours available and chose Jessica Red, a bright and bold shade.

My beauty therapist applied two coats of Jessica base coat and then two coats of the Phēnom polish, allowing a minute or so between coats. She then applied the Phenom Top Coat. I had a deep, low, irrrepairable split in the corner of the nail on my right thumb I was concerned about but the Phenom covered it beautifully. My nails looked perfect, seriously shiny and bright. They dried in hardly any time at all – they were definitely touch dry before 10 minutes. So how did I get on?

Jessica Phenom Nail Polish Review

Day 2

The nails are still lovely and shiny. I have a small chip on my right thumb but it really isn’t noticeable to anyone but me. I was able to purchase a bottle of the Jessica Red Phenom Nail Polish and Top Coat to take home so I can always fix it with that.

Jessica Phenom Nail Polish Review

Day 4

As I mentioned, I am super hard on my nails but I’m still really impressed. Aside from two tiny chips (again noticeable to no one but me), my nails are looking fabulous. At this point I am more than satisfied. Ordinary polish never lasts more than a couple of days for me so anything from here on in is a bonus. 

Jessica Phenom Nail Polish Review

Day 5

Unfortunately the deep, low irreparable split in my right thumbnail that I mentioned before has caused my thumbnail to break. At this point I feel I need to remove the polish. It’s a shame because there are only a couple of small chips on the right hand and the polish on the left hand still looks great. If I hadn’t broken my nail I am almost certain I would have had at least 6 to 7 days wear.

Removing the Jessica Phenom Nail Polish
I was able to remove the polish completely with ordinary nail polish remover (I used Sally Hansen brand). I did find that as I removed the polish it began to spread and bleed down into the cuticles and on to my hands. This meant I had to use several fresh cotton wipes and quite a lot of nail polish remover. I also used cotton buds to get the polish totally clear of my cuticles and under my nails. It was a messy but not terribly difficult process. You just need to persevere.

My opinion
I would have the Jessica Phenom Nail Polish applied again. I wouldn’t stop having Geleration on a regular basis but for times when I feel I can’t the Phenom is a great alternative. Removal is a little messier than I’d like but it’s definitely worth it for the great looking nails you get with Jessica Phenom Nail Polish. As someone who finds it very hard to get ordinary nail polish to last any time at all, I find Phenom to be long lasting and relatively durable although not as much so as Geleration.

On the whole I’m pleased with Jessica Phenom Nail Polish and I’m very happy to recommend it. It definitely doesn’t last as long as Geleration though and the latter would always be my first choice.

Disclosure: This review is my own, unbiased opinion. I paid for my own manicure.

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  1. Victoria smith says:

    Phenom nail varnish is a big flop as far as I’m concerned. I’m on holiday so doing no housework etc and my polish has chipped and peeled in less than a day. Gave it another chance, same thing happened. My daughter tried it and thought it was rubbish too.

    • I’m really sorry to hear that, Victoria. And it’s not nice if it’s not stayed right for your holiday. I have only used the Phenom once since I did the review but it worked out okay. I did think I would use it more but I haven’t. I found myself dreading removing it. I definitely prefer the original Geleration.

  2. I’m really disappointed with Jessica Phenom, I’ve tried it twice & it’s only good for 2-3 days absolute maximum, then chips off & looks really messy.
    Waste of money. I had it applied at a salon & feel very disappointed.

    • I honestly felt I would have it applied again but it’s funny how I’ve avoided trying it, Beverley. I haven’t had it done again since I did the review (which was independent – I was not compensated in any way and I paid for my own manicure). Honestly I dread the removal more than anything so I’ve just been having the Geleration nails.

  3. I’ve had Jessica Phenom applied professionally once, and applied it myself once. Both times it lasted for a full seven days before chipping in any way and I was very impressed.

    Taking it off was super easy too, both the black and red came off without bleeding and easier than several other manufacturers.

    I wear a lot of nail polish and I was impressed with this one. Interestingly, I’ve only used it very recently – I wonder if they have changed the formula since it was launched to correct some of the problems you encountered.



    P.S. I work in insurance, nothing to do with the beauty industry and I paid for the manicure.

    • Hi PJ, I’m interested to hear that and I’m really glad you had a better experience than I did 🙂 Perhaps they have made some changes to the formula as you suggest. I’m thinking I might give it another try based on your experience! Thank you so much for commenting.

  4. Eileen Corbitt says:

    I found each coat didn’t cover properly which is why I have looked for reviews. No-one else seems to have this problem so am I doing something wrong? Having been told it was so good I bought 2 bottles plus the final top coat and feel it was a waste of a lot of money so maybe I am doing something wrong. It definitely does not give an even coat.

    • My beauty therapist did warn me it is quite difficult to apply, Eileen. She recommended you try to apply the polish as quickly as possible as it dries so fast. (As I’m not wonderful at applying nail polish this can make it tricky for me!) Like you, I bought the whole lot and in the end, I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would – partly because I find it so challenging to apply.

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