Kensington Palace Home for Royal Baby

Kensington Palace Home for Royal Baby
If the walls at Kensington Palace could talk, they would have plenty to say. Home to the Royal family for well over 400 years, Kensington Palace is where 18 year old Princess Victoria became Queen and Princess Diana brought up her children. Now the London base of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George, Kensington Palace is also a home for royal baby princess.

Home for Royal Baby
There has been lots of celebration since the new royal baby’s arrival on Saturday. Now all we have to await is the princess’ name. It’s expected that this will be announced after the little princess is introduced to her great grandmother, The Queen. The introduction will take place very soon at Sandringham Palace in Norfolk. The Duke and Duchess have another home nearby where it is expected they will spend a few weeks in private with their new little one.

Later today gun salutes will be fired by soldiers at Hyde Park and the Tower of London as is the tradition to mark the birth of every royal prince or princess. The gun salutes will be heard all over London and will certainly resound in Kensington Palace, which is very near to Hyde Park.

Kensington Palace home for royal baby princess

Photo courtesy of Historic Royal Palaces

Kensington Palace is on of my favourite palaces, a perfect home for royal baby princess, and the apartment her parents live in has recently been completely refurbished to make it the perfect place to bring up a modern royal family. Apartment 1A is effectively a spacious four story house within the palace (the royal definition of ‘apartment’ is much wider than for the rest of us!).  The restoration is said to be sensitive to the history of the palace and it is believed that the Royal Couple may have borrowed some antique items from the Royal Collection to help furnish the property. I imagine that the very practical Duke and Duchess have been sure to make the property very comfortable and child friendly as well.

It is possible to visit Kensington Palace, parts of which are administered by Historic Royal Palaces – although of course one cannot go anywhere near Apartment 1A or any of the other private apartments. There certainly is a lot to see in this beautiful royal property and I highly recommend a visit.

Jubilee Entrance Kensington Palace
A gorgeous new wrought iron entry canopy celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and visitors inside visitors are greeted by a lacy fibre optic light sculpture made of almost four kilometres of electroluminescent wire and containing 12000 Swarovski crystals.

Kensington Palace Home for Royal Baby
My favourite exhibit within Kensington Palace is Victoria Revealed. As you literally retrace Victoria’s footsteps through the palace, in a fascinating journey from young princess in love to Queen of the Empire through her colourful life and sadly into her widowhood far too young. You can also visit Queen Mary II’s State Apartments, the King’s State Apartments, The King’s Gallery and another wonderful exhibit featuring dresses worn by The Queen, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana called Fashion Rules.

A visit to Kensington Palace, the royal baby princess’ London home, is a lovely way to step into the life of the royal family. I am sure that, like her father, uncle and brother, the new princess will have many happy memories of growing up here.

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  1. I find your Royalty fascinating, and the birth of the Princess is exciting. Can’t wait to find out her name, along with the rest of the world. Thanks for all the fun details about how and where they live. Really cool.

  2. I love British history and would love to visit Kensington Palace! Thanks for sharing at What’d You Do This Weekend? I hope you will join us again this Monday!

  3. Someday.. someday I so hope to make it to Europe and especially England. Would love to see so many of the great sites.


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