Love Your Leftovers – Spicy Chicken Nan Bread ‘Pizzas’


I wrote last Friday about Spicy Mango Chicken, a delicious new recipe I developed, and I promised to publish a recipe for the leftovers ‘soon’. Well, I don’t know where this week has gone, and I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to do it, but here it is (finally!)

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Right, the recipe. So depending on how many folks you are serving, and whether or not you doubled my recipe, you should hopefully have some nan bread left, and also some chicken breasts (one chicken breast will make two pizzas). But like I said last week, you might want to make extra just to have leftovers. These ‘pizzas’ taste really, really good.

To make 2 individual serving ‘pizzas’:

1 leftover chicken breast from the Spicy Mango Chicken
2 nan breads
2 to 3 tablespoons roasted red peppers in olive oil (from a jar)
2 to 3 tablespoons chopped artichoke hearts
4 cheese slices of your choice – I used Monterey Jack

Toast the nan bread lightly on both sides under the broiler (or cheat like I did and pop it in the toaster on a very low setting!).

Slice the chicken breast thinly and divide the slices between the nan breads. Divide the peppers and artichokes between the nan breads as well, so it all looks like this. Of course, you can get creative with the toppings (tomatoes might be nice) but this combination was particularly yummy!


Top with two slices of the cheese, arranged as much as possible so they cover the toppings to ‘protect’ them under the broiler/grill. Broil/grill under medium-high heat until the cheese melts and is beginning to go golden and bubbly. Allow to cool for a couple minutes before eating so as not to burn your mouth on the lovely, melty cheese. And for the grown ups, on a weekend, these are great with a nice cold beer!

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