Making A Guest Bathroom Welcoming


When friends come to visit, I like to make sure that everything I do makes them feel welcome. Making a guest bathroom welcoming is one of the first things I do. I’m lucky to have enough bathrooms in our house that guests can have their own, but even if that isn’t the case, it doesn’t take much effort to make any bathroom a welcoming place.

Choose a pretty container to help with making a guest bathroom welcoming

To start, you need a pretty container. I have chosen a decorated box for this guest bathroom, but you can use a basket, or anything you like. Roll up a few facecloths and put them in it, and then add anything you think your guests might need.

What to put in the container

I save the small wrapped toothbrushes we are given when we fly and I also collect the small toiletries in hotel rooms if they are nice brands.

You know all those samples you get when you buy cosmetics and health products? Well, I find it isn’t possible to use them all because some are not appropriate for my skin type or are products I just don’t need, and this is a great way to put them to good use. You can also buy those small travel sized versions of your favourite toiletries in the drug store when they are on special.

In this box, my guests will find two toothbrushes, toothpaste, a men’s disposable shaving kit, bubble bath, hair detangler, shower gel, face cleanser, men’s and women’s deodorant, body moisturiser, hand cream, face cleanser and sample moisturisers, among other things they might need. (I keep full size bottles of shampoo in the shower for guests to use, along with larger sizes of shower gel and of course, soap.)

I’m always sure to mention the box on the shelf, and encourage my guests to use anything they like from it. One of my friends discovered a new favourite moisturiser when she was visiting!

I keep a big box of things I have collected that would be useful in this toiletries box in a cupboard and when guests have gone, I just re-stock. It’s easy and helps avoid waste. Making a guest bathroom welcoming really does make a difference, and helps your guests feel extra special!

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