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Making Healthy Choices - Food
In early December of last year I discovered that despite eating reasonably well and working out pretty regularly, my jeans were feeling tight. I always believed I had a pretty healthy diet – and on the whole I did – but when I was honest with myself I realised it definitely could be better. It was time to start making some healthy choices. Here are some of the things I’ve done to get back on track.

Prioritise Protein and Eat Plenty of Fruit and Vegetables

Balance is incredibly important when it comes to making healthy choices. Eat a variety of foods, make sure you get some protein at every meal and eat plenty of fruit and veggies. Try not to make meat the focus of every meal – there are lots of meat free recipes out there even confirmed carnivores will love.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

Don’t be too hard on yourself – as long as you make healthy choices eighty percent of the time, you can indulge a little the other twenty percent of the time. I use this with exercise as well, always taking at least one day a week off, although I might take a gentle walk that day just to get some fresh air.

Make a Healthy Choices Smoothie

I was always a bit reluctant to drink smoothies as I thought they contained a lot of calories – and store bought smoothies can – but when I started to make my own I realised that didn’t have to be the case. I could pack a whole lot of protein and nutrition into a delicious drink that would help me start the day off right and have enough left over to drink post-workout as well. I simply put a bit of water in my Vitamix along with some yogurt for protein and then add fresh and frozen fruit and some spinach. I top the whole thing off with some ice and blend.

Healthy Choices Smoothie Recipe

After I put the yogurt in the blender but before I add the fruit, I throw in a teaspoon of Indigo Herbs Organic Barley Grass Powder and 2 teaspoons of Indigo Herbs Supervital Powder which contains beetroot, acai and baobab. Both contain lots of vitamins and minerals and are a great way to pack a lot of nutrients into my smoothie for very few calories.

Making healthy choices

Exercise Regularly

You don’t have to exercise for hours and hours to feel a benefit. Even a brisk ten minute walk can make a difference. Start slowly and build up to longer periods of time. Exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones) and reduces stress. I work out with a personal trainer three times a week, participate in a Pilates class every Wednesday and either work out on my own or go for a walk on days my trainer doesn’t come. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I look, but more importantly, to how I feel since I committed to exercising regularly.

Making Healthy Choices - Herbs and Spices

Use Lots of Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices not only enhance the taste of food, they are good for you as well. Use fresh herbs in cooking, spike your stir fry with fresh ginger and garlic or sprinkle a little cinnamon or ginger on top of your latte. This can help you cut back on sugar, sweeteners and salt as well.

A few small changes really can make a big difference. In five months I’ve dropped a dress size, lost a good few inches and am fitter, stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. I’ve also got tons more energy. You can do it too!

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Disclaimer: This post should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise programme. 

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  1. Great tips! Adding more fruit and veg to my diet has definitely helped a lot!

  2. The right choice of herbs and spices can really transform the entire meal.

  3. That’s so good on the weight loss, congratulations. Some fabulous tips here, even though I’m a vegetarian, I’m what I call a bad vegetarian, I need to eat a lot more cleaner. Some fab tips, thanks for sharing.

  4. Great tips! I truly believe in the 80/20 rule, it is all about making sensible choices while still enjoying life!

  5. Thanks for sharing on Let’s Get Real Friday Party. #LetGetRealSocial. I will be featuring this post in this upcoming Let’s Get Real Friday Party. You have some great tips here. Your last one is one that I think many people don’t include. Adding lots of herbs and spices makes things even tastier but it also can help you body get the nutrients it needs and keep you fuller, longer.

    • Thank you so much, Karen. Herbs and spices really do make such a difference, and it’s amazing how nutritious they are in themselves. Thank you for featuring my post as well – I will definitely visit on Friday 🙂 #LetGetRealSocial

  6. I had been carrying about 5 extra pounds for several years and kept “trying” to lose it (but not following through). I finally got sick of it, and joined WeightWatchers. To be honest I was a bit sceptical at first but I’ve been really impressed by their approach: unlimited fruit, lots of veggies, focus on real food/protein, plus considerable emphasis on exercise and other self-care/wellbeing. So, in other words, it closely mirrors what you’re saying here, April.
    The other thing which always amazes me is how much more energy I have if I get outside even just once during the workday. Fresh air seems to refresh me and calm my mood incredibly well.


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