Family Favourite Meatless Monday Recipes

Meatless Monday Recipes
Regular readers know that I’m a huge fan of Meatless Monday. This doesn’t mean that I can put my hand on my heart and swear I never eat meat on Mondays – it’s more because Meatless Monday reminds my family and I to ensure we have at least one meat free day each week. Whether it’s Tuesday, Friday or even actually Monday, making sure we leave meat out of our diets at least one day each week benefits our health, our budget and our planet.

To be honest, one meatless day has tended to lead to another in our house. There are so many delicious vegetarian options, meat has become less the focus of every meal and more of a considered choice that we enjoy from time to time.

Meat consumption really is something we have to consider as a nation and as a planet. Did you know that it is estimated that it takes 1,847 US Gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef? Pork comes in slightly lower at 718 gallons per pound; chicken needs 518 gallons per pound. Researchers at MIT believe that by 2050 more than half the world’s population will live in water stressed areas. Cutting back on our meat consumption can have a profound effect on changing this future. Every meal counts. So even if you can’t do a whole day without meat, just try eating the odd vegetarian meal. It’s easier – and much more delicious – than you might think!

Here are some of my family’s favourite Meatless Monday recipes – frankly they are recipes that we enjoy them all week long!

Pasta alla Norma My Way A pasta dish with a seriously flavourful sauce, Pasta alla Norma is chock full of delicious, healthy vegetables.

Vegan Pad Thai

Perfect for busy days, My Vegan Pad Thai is light, delicious, comfort food that takes hardly any time at all to put together.

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Quiche

My Easy Vegetarian Quiche is one of the easiest quiches I have ever made. It’s also the most popular!

Spaghetti Primavera al Limone

Fresh, spring flavours and a delicate lemon sauce make my Spaghetti Primavera al Limone something really special.

I hope these delicious, nutritious Meatless Monday recipes will encourage you to give one meatless day a week a try – and if you already enjoy meatless meals, I hope these recipes will be a welcome addition to your menu plan!

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  1. Yesssssssssss – this is definitely a post for me April 🙂
    I’m a vegetarian, and I think it’s great what you’re doing!!
    I’m going to check now your recipes 🙂

  2. A fantastic collection of meatless recipes! I totally agree with you, there are many tasty vegetarian options! And going meatless once a week can have a huge benefit on our health. Beautiful post!

  3. Hi April, wow this is a great collection of meatless Monday recipes. Thanks for sharing them at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J party!
    Have a nice day and enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  4. All of these look so delicious!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  5. Hi April,
    These all look so delicious! The pasta alla Norma, wowed me with all those vegetables. I love chunky vegetables in my pasta sauce! =)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hi April – Thanks so much for sharing these great meatless meals with the Let’s Get Real party.

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