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Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook was published in the UK as ‘Notes from My Kitchen Table’, but I took pains to get hold of an American copy of the book as I loved the title ‘My Father’s Daughter’. Having lost my own Dad four years before, I really identified with the idea of writing something as a tribute to someone she loved so much.When I bought the book I did not know that I would later have a chance to meet Gwyneth in person. She was a genuinely lovely lady who really took the time to chat with everyone, and she very kindly signed my copy of the book for me as well.


I’m still working my way through this beautifully written, well organised book but I have enjoyed every recipe I have tried. The recipes are interspersed with personal stories and memories. While some of the shots in the book are definitely posed, many are intimate family photographs and include one of the last pictures taken of Gwyneth and her late father.

There are little icons by each recipe to help you see its key features, for example ‘one pot’, ‘dress up meal’ or ‘quick’ as well as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’. There are also notes on some recipes to help ‘Make it Vegan’ or ‘Make it Kid Friendly’.

Two of my favourite recipes are Bruce Paltrow’s World-Famous Pancakes (pictured at the top of this post) and Spaghetti Limone Parmeggiano (below).

Spaghetti al Limone

I encourage you to follow the links and make them both. Gwyneth’s Dad’s pancakes really are fabulous. Adapted from The Joy of Cooking, Bruce Paltrow made them his own, and they really are foolproof – even if, like me, you sometimes skip the step of leaving the batter to rest overnight. I do use Canadian maple syrup instead of the Vermont maple syrup that is called for, but then again, I am Canadian!

As for the Spaghetti Limone Parmiggiano,  it may not look very special, but trust me, it really is. There is something about the simple ingredients in this classic dish that just make the flavours pop without being overpowering. Another plus? In Gwyneth’s words, it truly is “Easy Peasy”.

I understand Gwyneth is at work on a second cookbook, which I look forward to. She also blogs at her website GOOP.

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