Top Five Air Travel Tips To Make Flying Less Stressful

Top Five Air Travel Tips
There are people who love to fly, and people who really, really do not. I’m definitely one of the former, and I believe that flying really doesn’t have to be stressful. It just takes a little planning ahead.

My family and friends are spread all over the world, we love to holiday in far flung destinations, and I also travel with my husband on his business trips so we can have time together. Years of very frequent flying mean I’ve got air travel tips that can really help you enjoy not just the trip, but also the journey.

I’ve got some easy air travel tips to make flying easier on both body and soul. They can really enhance your next flying experience and get your trip – whether its business or pleasure – off to a great start.

1. Get enough rest before you leave
Although I don’t always follow my own advice on this one, it’s a good idea to make sure you are well rested before flying. Airports can be stressful places and being tired and grumpy really doesn’t help.

2. Pamper yourself a bit
Flying – particularly frequently – can leave you with dry skin and hair. Use a richer facial moisturiser, or a serum and moisturiser, during the week before you leave. Don’t forget to use a rich body lotion as well. If you have the time/budget for a professional facial, this is a great time to have one. Be sure to deep condition your hair at least once the week before you fly, and use a leave in conditioner on the day you travel. Take travel sizes of these products with you to use after the flight as well.

3. Pack as lightly as you possibly can.
Having to haul loads of heavy suitcases around is never any fun. If you plan to shop while you are away you can pack a smaller bag inside a larger bag to at least cut down on your luggage on the outbound leg of your journey.

4. Drink lots of water.
Alcohol and caffeine are incredibly dehydrating so drink them in moderation, if at all. Still water is absolutely the best thing you can drink in flight (fizzy water can cause bloating, particularly at high altitudes). If you are a nervous flyer and like to have a drink to relax, discuss natural remedies with your doctor. I have used Bach’s Rescue Remedy during stressful situations for years and although I’m a pretty seasoned flyer, you will always find a bottle of it in my carry on luggage.

5. Sleep
Unless it’s a very short flight, do take the opportunity for a nap if you possibly can. If you are travelling with kids it can be challenging but it’s a great idea to encourage them to nap as well. (I’ve been known to negotiate a nap with the promise of a non-edible treat later.) Even a half hour of shut eye can help, particularly if there will be a big time difference when you land.

Try these air travel tips on your next trip and see your journeys transformed. After all, you should be able to look forward to the journey almost as much as to the trip itself.

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  1. I’m a huge believer in napping on the plane (some of them, even in economy, offer calming/meditation tracks you can listen to to help you nod off). And I’m fanatical about getting fresh air (ideally some sunlight) on my skin on arrival, to help the body clock reset.
    I’d also add, try to cultivate a stoical mindset. There are multiple stresses and frustrations when travelling, some of them down to weather/operational bad luck, and some of them down to other people being stunningly inconsiderate. I decide, very deliberately, not to let this stuff get to me. I used to fly standby as airline staff and with those journeys, there was no guarantee of a timely arrival (or even a departure). It’s helped me develop more of a zen mindset.

    • That is such good advice, Pauline! You are right, some stresses are inevitable, and we only make them worse by getting wound up. Adopting a stoical mindset is a really good idea!

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