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Regular readers will know that my son is heading to Canada to study Photography, and that we have been spending a lot of time finding a Canadian base for him, and for us when we visit. It’s a new beginning for our family, alternatively exciting, terrifying and just a little bit emotional. As for me, I’m concentrating heavily on the excitement of setting up a family base here and thinking much less about the fact that our son will be living here more than he will be in the UK. I know it is likely that he will come to call Canada ‘home’ much as I learned to call England ‘home’ twenty years ago.

I left Canada for England one cloudy March day in 1989, never dreaming that my life would turn out the way it has. I married my wonderful British husband in a fairytale wedding, we have a lovely son, a beautiful home and a blessed life. I have always been very lucky to be able to visit Canada often and spend lots of time with the people I love. But when my father died in November 2007 I would never have believed that five years nearly to the day later my husband and I would be on a plane to Canada with our son to set up his home here.

For me, it’s kind of home-coming too. I love my adopted home, but while you can take the girl out of Canada you can’t take the Canada out of the girl. I am so grateful that God would allow me to have a place to call home in the two places I love the most. Of course, my husband and I will remain officially resident in the UK, but we now have a place to call home for the few weeks a year we will be able to visit Canada.

Apartment Hunting

Photo credit Alex Harris

We’ve found a lovely, airy apartment on one of the top floors of a building in the city centre, perfectly central and yet still close enough to my son’s college to make it an easy commute. We had a few anxious moments as it is hard to rent an apartment as a non-resident, but thanks to lots of prayers, emotional support, and great recommendations from friends, along with a very helpful building superintendent, our son (who is a Canadian citizen) is now officially resident in Canada.

It’s exciting helping him to set up home and I’m looking forward sharing our progress over the next few weeks. Here’s one of the most important rooms – the kitchen 🙂


Photo credit Alex Harris

It’s much smaller than my kitchen at home, but it really is beautifully laid out with lots of cupboards, as well as space for my mother’s hutch, and maybe even a small kitchen table. There’s a laundry room through the open door.

We found a beautiful pub style table for the dining room at Sutherlands Furniture.

dining table

Photo credit Alex Harris

It’s a family run business and they are so friendly and helpful. (This is not a paid endorsement; I was just incredibly impressed with the way they do business and wanted to give them a shout out.)

Much of the furniture we will be having in the apartment used to belong to my parents and my cousin Esther and family have very kindly been looking after it for us since my parents passed away. They are going to help us move it in on Saturday. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family.

I look forward to sharing more of our progress – including how we blend our well loved family furniture with new pieces, as well as how we strike a balance between the conservative taste my husband and I share with our son’s more modern avant garde outlook 🙂

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