Nigella Lawson’s Tarragon Chicken


This Tarragon Chicken is another recipe from Nigella Lawson’s most recent book, Kitchen. I love all of Nigella’s books, but I do think this is one of her best. I was drawn to this recipe as it is a much easier, less time consuming version of a French classic, poulet a l’estragon, which I have made in the past. This version is every bit as good as the more difficult original, and a lot quicker and less stressful to make.

You may be surprised to see that Nigella lists both fresh and dried tarragon in the ingredients. Although I have made this recipe solely with dried tarragon when fresh was unavailable, Nigella is right when she says that the combination of the two makes for a flavour you just can’t beat. I always use white wine, and never vermouth, but that is because I prefer the flavour. This is not a health conscious dish, and calls for real cream, but it is worth every single calorie.

One thing I love about Nigella’s Tarragon Chicken is that it goes with everything. I’ve served it with boiled new potatoes, rice, roasted new potatoes, couscous with roasted vegetables and even a vegetable studded orzo. You cannot get this wrong – and the leftovers, should you be lucky enough to have any, taste amazing cold with lettuce and tomato on good French bread. (In fact, they are so good, I’ve been known to double the recipe just to have them!)

I’m going to link to the recipe instead of copying it. I don’t want to violate Nigella’s copyright – the recipe is hers, and she totally deserves all the credit. Please click here for the recipe, or just go ahead and treat yourself to a copy of Kitchen. It really is one of my favourite cookbooks.

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