On Our Silver Wedding Anniversary

Today, 9th March, my husband Guy and I celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

It’s such a miracle we even met.

If my Grandma hadn’t kept writing to her Uncle Albert in England after her mother brought her to Canada..

If my Mom hadn’t kept up the correspondence with Uncle Albert when her mother passed away…

If I hadn’t written thank you letters to Uncle Albert (he sent me wonderful Christmas parcels)…

If Uncle Albert hadn’t kept our letters…

If my cousin Noel (Albert’s son) and his wife Barbara hadn’t found the letters when Uncle Albert passed away and then written to us…

If Barbara and Noel hadn’t become our pen friends, and then friends in real life when my family and I visited England in 1985…

If Barbara and Noel hadn’t introduced us to Noel’s brother Alan…

Alan’s daughter might never have invited me to a party on 1st April 1989, just after I had immigrated to England…

where I met the love of my life.

It takes ‘meant to be’ to a whole new level.

Silver Wedding Anniversary
I’m so grateful God brought us – and kept us – together.

There has been a great deal of ‘for better’ (for which I am incredibly grateful) and some very challenging ‘for worse’ – but we stuck together through it all, building a family I’m grateful to be a part of.

Silver Wedding Anniversary
On the day I got married I never dreamed I could love someone more than I loved Guy that day


but every day I love him more.

Visiting Bath and The Bath Christmas Market on AprilJHarris.com

Thank you to my wonderful husband, Guy, for sticking with me through the good times and the bad, for loving me, encouraging me, for seeing the best in me when I am at my worst, and for believing in me even when I forget how to believe in myself. Thank you for showing me the world through new eyes, for giving me such wonderful adventures, and for making all my dreams come true.

You are, quite simply, the best.

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  1. Congrats! Very sweet tribute to you and Guy.

  2. Aww! Super photos: happy anniversary to you both. Hope you’re doing something truly special.

  3. April, you’ve brought tears to my eyes! Sweet, sweet story! Happy anniversary to you both.

  4. Beautiful story and beautiful pictures, April. I wish you both many anniversaries filled with love, good health and happiness.

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