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Not long ago I came across a skin and body care brand that I am very excited about. Regular readers will know that I am passionate about encouraging women to celebrate their own unique beauty. Mama Miohave a very similar outlook. Unlike many traditional brands, that make us feel bad about ourselves so that they can ‘fix’ us, Mama Mio’s mission is ‘to help women feel more confident in their skin’.

I recently attended an event in San Diego where I had the opportunity to talk to one of the founders of Mama Mio, and her enthusiasm for the products was almost palpable. I can understand why. This is a brand that is concerned about so much more than just selling their products – they genuinely want to help improve the lives of their customers by helping them celebrate and make the most of their own unique beauty. They also want to give them top quality products that do exactly what they say they will. Mama Mio’s lightweight formulas are packed with peptides, grape stem cells, algae extracts and vitamin C to help protect, hydrate and stimulate the skin.

I was given two products to try – Love Your Life Lines and Eye Know, both from the High Protein Face Care range. Both come with ‘little books of confidence’ containing very positive messages about owning your beauty, information about the products and two ‘face fitness’ exercises designed to target the areas the products treat.

I used Love Your Life Lines as a compliment to my existing skin care range. What a great name!  After all, our expression lines are what make us who we are – we just don’t want too many of them! I love the immediate plumping action of this product, and how its light-reflecting properties make a visible difference straight away. I have been using it specifically on a very annoying furrow between my brows and the ‘marionette’ lines between my nose and mouth. Not only is there a visible difference on application of the product, but with long term use, I have noticed an actual improvement in the depth of the lines.

I like to use Eye Know before a big meeting or a night out. It visibly smooths and plumps the skin around my eyes, giving a lifted and brightened appearance. It’s also great for quick touch ups throughout the day – I have taken to keeping it in my handbag! Both Love Your Life Lines and Eye Know come in handy 30 ml sizes – perfect if you are a frequent air traveller like me.

As you can gather, I’m incredibly excited about the Mama Mio product range, and I look forward to learning even more about it. In the meantime, Love Your Life Lines and Eye Know will remain key players in my skin care ritual. The best news is, Mama Mio is available in both the UK and North America, so check out their wonderful website, and see what Mama Mio can do for you.

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