Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch: a Review

Disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch for review purposes. As always, this review contains my honest opinions. This post contains an affiliate link. 

Prep Ahead Meals From Scratch by Alea Milham
Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch by Alea Milham will revolutionise the way you feed your family and help make food preparation and mealtimes more enjoyable.

As well as delicious recipes your family will love, Alea’s colourful, beautifully laid out book shares valuable information on ways to prepare ingredients from scratch ahead of time. That way, instead of having to batch cook entire meals, individual ingredients are ready and waiting in the fridge and freezer so you can make easy, nutritious food for your family at the last minute.

Prep-Ahead Meals from Scratch by Alea Milham a review

Chicken Salad Wraps from Make Ahead Meals From Scratch

From fresh and tasty Chicken Salad Wraps to Skillet Beef Burgundy, Alea shares a broad cross section of recipes that will appeal to everyone. Her focus is on saving you time and money while still serving your family tasty, nutritious meals they will love.

Skillet Scalloped Potatoes with Ham and Peas from Make Ahead Meals from Scratch

Skillet Scalloped Potatoes with Ham and Peas from Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch

Each chapter in Prep-Ahead Meals from Scratch features a key ingredient (chicken, beef, pork etc) and includes helpful information on a selection of ways to prepare that ingredient in advance. Alea also shares information on safe food storage so that the ingredients stay fresh and taste delicious. I particularly liked the Frugal Pantry Staples section where there are easy recipes for really tasty homemade salad dressings and spice mixes.

I made the Ratatouille Rice Skillet from Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch the other day and my family and I absolutely loved it.

Featuring lots of delicious fresh veggies and a tasty homemade Italian Dressing Mix, the dish had lots of flavour. It would make a perfect side dish with any meat or fish or a delicious stand-alone meat free meal.

Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch is written in a friendly, approachable tone and really gives a sense of Alea’s passion for helping others feed their families nutritiously and deliciously whilst still keeping to a sensible budget. Those recipes which are not already gluten free provide instructions for making them suitable for those on gluten free diets.

I’ve always struggled to find the time to batch cook entire meals in advance so I love Alea’s concept of preparing the ingredients ahead at convenient times and then having them ready and waiting. You don’t have to block out hours in the kitchen to make Alea’s Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch. By preparing larger quantities when you are making key ingredients or just preparing one element of a meal in advance you can have a whole arsenal of nutritious options your family will love right to hand. Watch Alea’s step by step videos for batch preparing ingredients in advance here.

I knew I would love this book as I’ve been a fan of Alea’s recipes and blog for some time but I was absolutely delighted with how it exceeded my expectations. Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch would be a valuable addition to any cookbook collection and makes the perfect gift, especially for someone just starting out in their own kitchen.

Alea Milham is the founder of the popular blog Premeditated Leftovers, where she shares simple recipes made with whole foods, time saving tips and more. You can find Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart and all good booksellers.

All photos aside from the Ratatouille Rice Skillet are via Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch and used with permission. I received a free electronic copy of Prep-Ahead Meals From Scratch for review purposes. As always, this review contains my honest opinions. 

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. Full Disclosure Policy.

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