Red Carpet Ready – A Step Forward for Real Beauty


I’ve been writing a lot about unrealistic representations of beauty in advertising and the press recently. Today I am excited to be able to share a piece that I believe represents a real step forward from Gwyneth Paltow’s GOOP website.

In an ‘Emmys Scrapbook’, a post about her preparations for her appearance on the recent Emmy Awards, Ms Paltrow is brutally honest about the work that goes into making her red carpet ready – from her two hour 7 am workout to her last minute makeup touch ups before going on stage several hours later.

In the post, she includes photographs of much of the getting-ready process, including many in which she is wearing no makeup at all. She also includes photographs of the team who helped her to get ready – from her makeup artist to her dresser and assistant. She is photographed being literally sewn into her dress and having someone help her put her shoes on – presumably because having been sewn into her dress, she is unable to bend down to put them on herself.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a beautiful woman with or without make up, but to look the way she appears on film and in the press takes hard work not just by her, but by her team. Her honesty in posting not only about how she does it, but how much hard work goes into it, is a refreshing change.

Admittedly, this post does contain a lot of links to the products Ms Paltrow uses, and some folks might say that makes it too commercial. I, on the other hand, love getting beauty tips from the professionals so I don’t mind this at all. In fact, I think it underscores the fact that while it is fun to get dressed up and look our best, we all need a bit of help to look ready for ‘the red carpet’ , whatever that may mean in our own lives.

The post finishes with photos of Gwyneth Paltow the morning after the Emmys, packing up the borrowed finery she wore the night before. I found the whole thing incredibly reassuring because it removes the mystery behind the Hollywood red carpet, and I feel this very open post underscores the fact that expecting ourselves to look like the images we see in the media on a regular basis is completely unrealistic. Well worth checking out for yourself, I encourage you to read ‘Emmys Scrapbook’ on GOOP by clicking here.

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