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In my post New Beginnings a few days ago, I shared our son’s upcoming adventure as he heads to Canada to study photography, and our trip there to set up a family base there for him to live in full time and for us when we visit. We’ve come a long way from the photograph above, which shows us viewing the apartment we eventually chose.

When my parents passed away, my cousins Esther and Craig looked after some of their furniture for us, and they very kindly helped us move it into the apartment before we headed home to the UK for Christmas.


The kitchen looks homier with the addition of the hutch and chair, both of which originally belonged to my maternal Grandma. I grew up with these pieces around me, so I’m thrilled to have them in our second home. The hutch actually matches the kitchen table I have in our home in the UK. The mirror also belonged to my parents. We have put up some of their paintings as well.

I love how the public areas of the apartment are coming together. It’s a very eclectic mix, but it works. We bought a new dining table, and are just waiting for the delivery of a dark brown leather sofa and armchair in January. I’m also having some vertical blinds made. Vertical blinds mean we won’t lose the view as they can be angled to take advantage of the light or they can be opened right up like curtains. They will be arriving in January as well.


My Dad built the unit on the top right. We always called it ‘the Hi-Fi’ because my Dad kept the stereo in it. He built it a decade before I was born, and his craftsmanship has stood not only the test of time, but five moves as well!

The bedrooms are looking cosy. We still need to add a few bits and pieces, but I’m thrilled to have my late Mom’s mirror and chest of drawers in the room my husband and I share, as well the antique china lamps that belonged to my Grandma and then my Mom.


My son chose to have some of his Grandpa’s favourite artwork in his bedroom, as well as his chest of drawers and lamp. He’s chosen a leaf and branches theme for the decorating, as reflected in the bedding and the paintings. We’ve also echoed it in our choice of blinds.


We still have a ways to go and need to find some more pictures, soft furnishings and accent pieces, but when we slept in the apartment the night before we headed back to the UK, it really did feel like home. In fact, I’m really excited to go back with our son Alex and help get him settled in this January. We’ll be celebrating his twentieth birthday while we are there.

What I’m not so excited about is the part where we leave and he stays…

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