Six Days to Go…

Photo Mario Testino

Photo Mario Testino

Like any bride to be, I imagine Miss Catherine Middleton is literally counting the days until her wedding. (I think I got down to counting the hours a few days before my wedding!) I do think of her though, and hope that the pressure of being so in the spotlight is not clouding what should be an incredibly happy time for her in any way. At the end of the day, don’t we all marry our Prince Charming? I certainly did. How different must it be for her though!

I remember getting pretty nervous before the big day, and I seriously cannot imagine the pressure Catherine Middleton is under. My husband and I had 125 people on the guest list at our wedding. Not only are there way more than that actually attending the Royal wedding (Royalty and Heads of State among them), there will be thousands lining the streets of London, and it is estimated that between one and two billion people will watch the wedding on television, cell phones, iPads and more. This special bride to be could not possibly be any more in the spotlight.

In public, Catherine Middleton is handling the pressure with absolutely amazing grace, and she strikes me as the sort of woman who is doing the same thing privately as well. I just hope that, despite the hoopla, pomp, ceremony and all the people watching, this will be the most wonderful day for Prince William and his bride, and that most of all, they will have fun. I hope that people remember that while their lifestyle and circumstances are so far removed from most of our experience that we cannot even imagine it, at the heart of it, they are just a young couple in love. A young couple with hopes and dreams, and most of all, feelings, just like the rest of us.

As for London, well, we are definitely getting ready. My husband took these photographs in Regent Street in London’s West End on Friday.


Flags as far as the eye can see….



Come to think of it, I don’t think it’s just Catherine Middleton – and I am sure Prince William as well – who are counting the days. At the moment, it seems an entire nation – perhaps even much of the world – is joining them.

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