Take 2 by Leeza Gibbons

Take 2

Ever felt like you a fresh start? You’re not alone! Lots of people these days are looking for a chance to jump-start their life, head in a new direction or begin again. In her book, New York Times Bestseller ‘Take 2’, Leeza Gibbons explains how you can call for a second take absolutely anytime.

Most of us know Leeza Gibbons from her long and successful career in the entertainment industry. Leeza is also a tireless advocate for research into Alzheimer’s disease and caregiver support as well as founder of the Leeza Gibbon’s Memory Foundation and its programs Leeza’s Place and Leeza’s Care Connection.

Just like all of us, Leeza has experienced lots of ups and downs in her life. In Take 2 she shares her experiences, discussing the lessons they taught her so readers can use them as a catalyst for development and change in their own lives. Take 2 is more than a self-help book. With step-by-step instructions, exercises and affirmations, as well as a practical 52-week plan, it’s a valuable guide to creating your very own successful new beginning.

Beyond that, Take 2 is a great read. I enjoyed Leeza’s down to earth, friendly writing style. She has a gift for motivating and encouraging, but isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. She cautions that “We can all encourage each other to reach higher, but you alone have to believe you deserve it first.” Another of my favourite quotes from the book is  “Come on and either buckle yourself into the driver’s seat or stop whining and complaining when you don’t get where you want to go”. With a strong focus on being responsible for your own experience of whatever life throws you, Leeza encourages us to live life with no excuses and no regrets. It’s about taking inventory, starting over and creating your very own new beginning.

Whether you are starting a new chapter in your life by chance or by choice, Leeza Gibbon’s Take 2 is an ideal companion for the journey to a wonderful new beginning.

Take 2 is published by Hay House and is currently available in North America. To receive a copy of Take 2 when it is released in the UK, please click here to pre-order.

The publishers, Hay House, sent me an advance review copy of Take 2 free of charge. I have not been paid for this post.

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