Tasty Beef Recipes for Great British Beef Week

Beef Stroganoff
It’s Great British Beef Week and I have some tasty beef recipes to help you celebrate! Organised by Ladies in Beef, Great British Beef Week 2015 runs from 23 April to 3 May and put the spotlight firmly on the fantastic food that British beef farmers produce. In addition, it will raise vital funds for those in need in the farming industry by partnering with the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I.) for the third consecutive year.

How animals are raised for meat production has a direct effect on our personal health as well as the health of our planet. When you do choose to make beef recipes, be sure to choose ethically raised, free range, pasture raised and/or organic meat.

It’s extremely important to me to buy local pasture raised, free range and/or organic meat. How animals are raised is something I think about a lot so I buy from my local butcher Green’s of Pangbourne. Green’s have the highest standards for the provision and quality of their products. They can tell me exactly where the meat I buy for my beef recipes comes from and how it has been raised. If you are unable to buy meat from a trusted local butcher and you live in the UK, look for the Red Tractor on the packaged meat you buy. Red Tractor is the UK’s largest food assurance scheme. Covering a whole range of agricultural produce, it is an independent mark of quality that guarantees the food we buy comes from farms and food companies that meet high standards of food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection.

Here are some of my favourite recipes using the best of British beef.

How to Make Boeuf Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon The Easy Way

Beef Stroganoff Recipes Beef Stroganoff 3 Tasty Ways

Beef and Beer Stew Comfort food in a bowl – family favourite Beef and Beer Stew

What are your favourite beef recipes?

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  1. Beef Stroganoff is one of my very favourite dishes. And I love that there’s a group called Ladies in Beef !

  2. April, I only buy ethically raised, grass-fed, organic beef. Yes, it’s more expensive, but we eat smaller portions, so it all works out! I love to make boeuf bourguignon and other beef stews, soups, roasts, pot roasts, pies.

  3. April I love this post! It’s interesting to hear how you approach the beef quality issues in the U. K. Here in the states we pay premium prices for locally grown organic meats. We have to look hard sometimes to find good quality organic meats. Pork is especially difficult to locate. We are encouraged that the public is gaining awareness of this important issue and demanding organic meats in their shopping carts! This collection of beef recipes look fabulous! So glad you cook and encourage organic, locally grown beef! Thanks for linking this post up at #purebloglove link party. love to see you there each week!

    • Thank you, Diane. It sounds like we think very much alike! Locally grown and/or organic meat is more expensive here too and it sometimes takes a lot of effort to get folks round to the idea of paying more for it. I think once they taste it though they find it easier to justify eating less meat but buying the higher quality, sustainable variety 🙂

  4. Looks delicious collection of beef recipes, apt for beef week April.

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