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Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes on
I love traditional Thanksgiving dessert recipes like Pumpkin Pie, but it’s nice to make a second dessert or to have some delicious treats on hand for when folks get hungry before or after the main Thanksgiving meal.

I’m very lucky because most years we have two Thanksgivings. I come from Canada so my family and I celebrate Thanksgiving in October, and then we celebrate again in November with our American friend and her family. Not bad for someone who lives in the UK, where Thanksgiving isn’t actually celebrated! Thank goodness I have lots of Thanksgiving dessert recipes up my sleeve so there’s always something different to share.

I can’t get a fresh turkey easily this time of year in the UK so if I’m cooking, we have the biggest chicken I can find, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and of course, cranberry sauce. We traditionally enjoy pumpkin pie for dessert, but I also like to offer other options alongside. And of course, there are some folks out there who really don’t like pumpkin pie, so it’s nice to have an alternative for them as well. These are some of the delicious Thanksgiving dessert recipes I will be choosing from this year.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes on
A real showstopper, this flavourful Spicy Pumpkin Bundt Cake is relatively easy to make, serves lots of people and keeps really well. This makes a really big cake so be sure your bundt pan is big enough!

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes on
Topped with a spicy ginger glaze, this aromatic Banana Gingerbread Loaf is a family favourite I make again and again. Moist and delicious, this loaf cake improves with age and is perfect as a cut and come again treat.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes on
I love this sticky sweet walnut studded Banana Date Cake with Walnut and Honey Glaze. Reminiscent of a traditional fruit cake but with a lot more flavour and style, a slice is perfect with a cup of coffee to end a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes on
This Apple Pecan Cake with Maple Glaze cake tastes like fall to me, with seasonal apples, crunchy pecans and a sweet hit of maple glaze.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes on
For pumpkin flavour without the pie, this Easy Pumpkin Cake is a real winner. You can make it to suit your family, using raisins or nuts or just leave it plain. A fun Thanksgiving bake to make with your kids, the cream cheese frosting makes this really special.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving in October or November, or even if you live somewhere where Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated at all like I do, I hope this will be a season of great abundance and gratitude for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’m an American living in the UK so while they don’t celebrate it here, I will be next month. What a lovely cake – that icing looks swoon worthy!

    • Thank you so much, Sarah! And thank you for the compliment about my cake too! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration. You may already know this, but Ocado have a great range of Thanksgiving treats – they just don’t offer them early enough for me! Also my local butcher will get turkeys in November for the Americans celebrating, even though they normally don’t stock them till Christmas. (They have offered to get one for me, but I forgot to order one early enough!) Perhaps your local butcher might do the same 🙂

  2. Happy holiday to you April 🙂
    Here we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving either….
    You have here some great cakes. I think my favorite is the Apple Pecan Cake 🙂

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, April! The cakes look really tasty! I liked them all and will definitely try your banana date cake with walnut and honey glaze! Pinning!

  4. These are some tasty looking desserts actually perfect for any occasion 🙂

  5. I totally agree with you on 2nd non-classic dessert option! I always have pumpkin pie and pecan pie, but I also add something different, like chocolate bundt cake last year. Haha

  6. I’ll have some of each please! 😀

  7. These desserts look perfect for the Thanksgiving meal! I love the drizzle on that Spicy Pumpkin Bundt Cake and the maple glaze on the Apple Pecan Cake. Yum!

  8. My husband hates pumpkin pie — so we always do a pecan and at least one or two other desserts to make him happy! LOL! That bundt, though…

  9. This roundup of recipes is literally making me salivate! the drizzle on that pumpkin bundt spice cake. I feel like these recipes can be made all year round too not just Thanksgiving! but maybe that’s just because i’m mildly pumpkin obsessed..! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. April, I must try that banana gingerbread loaf! I haven’t been making enough loaf cakes lately.

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