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Alea of Premeditated Leftovers and I want to welcome you to our weekend blog hop; The Gallery of Favorites, a place to share your favorite posts from your own blogs.

Thank you to everyone who shared posts last week. This week Alea and I are featuring three ‘Made From Scratch’ posts: Homemade Red Wine Vinegar from Jen’s Natural Kitchen,Delicious Healthy Mayo from Mom Essentials and Harissa Paste I from Elsa Cooks.


Photo credit Jen’s Natural Kitchen

In Homemade Red Wine Vinegar, Jen of Jen’s Natural Kitchen shared her experience making red wine vinegar, and how she is able to create a much more flavoursome and complex blend than the ones available in grocery stores.


Photo credit Mom Essentials

Faith, a contributor to Mom Essentials, shared her recipe for a wholesome and Delicious Homemade Mayonnaise, along with spicy and mild variations for delicious versatility.


Photo credit Elsa Cooks

Elsa of Elsa Cooks shared a recipe for homemade Harissa Paste, with scope for you to make it milder or hotter to suit your own family. Elsa has found that there are many small variations that you can make to tweak the flavour of any Harissa Paste and plans to share other variations on her recipe in upcoming posts.

Although Alea and I both spend a lot of our time writing about food, we  also have many other interests and we know that our readers do as well. The Gallery of Favorites is a place for all bloggers to share their ideas, interests and passions.

Please share your favorite posts with our Gallery of Favorites below.

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