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Alea of Premeditated Leftovers and I want to welcome you to our weekend blog hop, The Gallery of Favorites, a place for you to feature favorite posts from your own blog.

Thank you to everyone who shared posts last week. This week, we are featuring Marcy of (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish and her post If You Give a Mom a Blog. In this entertaining piece, Marcy writes about the pleasures and pitfalls of having a mom who writes a blog – from having your photograph taken at every opportunity to being asked to taste test all manner of recipes, and everything in between.


Photo credit (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish

I could totally identify with this post, and my son Alex’s reaction was priceless. ‘Finally,’ he said with great relief, ‘Somebody gets what I’ve been going through for the last ten years!’ I’m really hoping he was joking, but I’m not completely sure…

‘If You Give a Mom a Blog’ is a pleasure to read and many of the photographs are priceless. While we may not like to admit it, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of bloggers (and their children) out there who will identify with it!

Do visit Marcy at (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish. She has a great sense of adventure and her unique writing style make her posts both entertaining and thought provoking. Starting the first and third Friday of each month, Marcy also hosts ‘Scenes from a Memoir’, a chance to link up posts you have written about your own adventures and experiences.

Although Alea and I both spend a lot of our time writing about food, we do have many other interests and know that our readers do as well. The Gallery of Favorites is a place for all bloggers – not just food bloggers – to share their ideas, interests and passions. Of course, recipe and food posts are very welcome too.

We would love it if you would share your favorite posts with our Gallery of Favorites below. Posts on any family friendly subject are welcome, and of course your recipes and food posts are very welcome too. You can share new or archived posts, but please update the latter with a link back to the Gallery. It’s easy –

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The Gallery will remain open until Monday afternoon (early evening in the UK).

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